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Old Assyrian Trade


I want you to make an annotated bibliography for the topic of Old Assyrian Trade. You need Minimum of 4 Sources and 1 of them should be ARTICLE. They are supposed to use scholarly books and articles NOT WIKIPEDIA or any other random websites. You are supposed to create 3 subheadings: 1) ESSAY TOPIC 2) Thesis Statement (Topic, Main arguments+ Opinion)+four questions 3)Annotated Bibliography ( 4 in total, 1 should be ARTICLE) - Relation to my Thesis, How will I use this source in my essay? - Is it for the thesis or against the thesis? - Contain materials to use for argumentation ( Evidences, such as archeological finds, textual data, administrative texts etc,.) I will upload some articles for you to start with, but first you need to know a little bit background about the old Assyrian trade. Don`t use WIKIPEDIA AS A SOURCE. I will also upload my last term annotated bibliography, i want you to follow the same format. Format meaning Subheading of (Essay Topic) , ( Thesis Statement and 4 Questions) , (Annotated Bibliography) On each annotation, Make sure you include the methods and arguments of each source and you need to prove it by showing a textual reference or archeological Data that can support the thesis in each Annotation. Also you need to put Your own comments and critique of the author of that Article or Book. For example, you need to say if the author is reliable enough or not, is his argument valid enough? if yes then use an evidence to support that. For Citation, I want you to use FOOTNOTE to cite the Book or Article. But make sure u put the page number that you have cited as well in the FOOTNOTE. Evaluation Crietia Good research question? (3 Marks) Pertinent sources? ( 3 Marks) Good analysis of the sources ( 4 Marks) - Thesis, arguments, method, critique * yours - Explain why this source will be useful - Formatting and clarity


Instruction for this annotated bibliography:

Annotated Bibliography (10%)                        Due date: March 6/7


This assignment is to start getting you thinking about sources that you might use for your final essay outline assignment.  It should include 4 sources and be 2-4 pages double-spaced.  Before starting this assignment you should go and read the information for the essay outline to make sure you understand the goal we are working towards.


You will need to have decided what you want your essay to be about and provide a brief topic sentence at the beginning of the assignment.  Just a statement of what you hope to write your essay on and what you think your thesis statement will be (you can change this later, if you need to, after more research into the subject).


When looking for essay ideas and searching for resources I highly recommend consulting Sasson’s Civilizations of the Ancient Near East (see Section A in the General Bibliography in the coursepack).  It has short articles on many subjects, each with a good bibliography at the end that would provide you other places to start looking.  You should also look through the General Bibliography for any other material that interests you or would apply to a topic you are interested in.  Your four sources might also include an academic journal article.  Websites are strongly discouraged, but if you think you have found a really good one that you wish to use it must be pre-approved by either your TA or course instructor.  Now would be a good time to do that. 


“Annotated” bibliography means that you will have to explain briefly (in a couple of sentences) how each source relates to the questions you will be examining in your essay.  For example, does the source support the view of the problem that you find most convincing?  How?  If it provides an alternative interpretation, why do you disagree and how do you intend to disprove it in your essay?  Does it include materials (such as graphics, statistics, etc.) that you are going to use to support your arguments?  Remember to consider questions such as: ‘Is this a primary or secondary source?’ and ‘How old and/or reliable is this source?’  Do not simply say that it provides information about your topic.  Provide the specific types of information and how it will relate to your analysis and interpretation.  The document, “Writing an Annotated Bibliography” is available in your coursepack to assist you.

Old Assyrian TradeEssay topicThe selected topic for this essay is "Old Assyrian Trade". The specific aspect of the selected topic which I intend to investigate is the extensive trade network during the Old Assyrian period from roughly 2000 B.C to the conclusion of the Old Assyrian era about 1600 B.C. The paper focuses mainly on the goods that were traded, the features of the trade, how the trade was organized and how the trade allowed Assyrians to flourish socioeconomically and enlarge their army that led to the expansion of the kingdom of Assyria. Thesis statement and four questionsFor this essay, the thesis statement is: the Old Assyrian Trade was characterized by the exchange of gold, copper and silver for tin and textiles. Copper-hungry Assyria spread commercially into Anatolia, which was rich in copper with both Anatolia and Assyria importing copper and feeding textiles from Babylonia and tin from the east. The Old Assyrian trade involved many merchants – about 3000 – who took part in the trade. This had a major social and economic effect on the Assyrian society in the sense that the kingdom flourished economically and used the metals to make weapons that they utilized to expand their kingdom. The questions to guide my research are as follows: What were the social and economic effects of the Old Assyrian Trade?How did they use the traded metals?How was trade organized in the Old Assyrian Trade?What did the trade focus on and what were the features of the trade?Annotated bibliographyVeenhof, Klaas. Some Social Effects of Old Assyrian Trade. British Institute for the Study of Iraq, JSTOR, 1977. In this article, the author asserts that about the mid of the 19th century BC, nearly 2000 citizens of the City of Assur involved themselves in some way in Old Assyrian Trade. About â…“ of these inhabitants resided in or frequently journeyed to Anatolia. The author points out that this participation of lots of merchants must have had a major socioeconomic impact on the society of Assyria. The author points out some of its socioeconomic effects, which include: (i) the creation of government institutions because of the expanding trade and its demands. Legal authorities that were created as a result of the trade were always involved in legal problems associated with the trade. (ii) Production: the trade also had effects on the sphere of production. Textile production is well attested. This was a home industry in which slave-girls and other female members of the family engaged in. Gold and silver were imported from Anatolia and were mainly utilized for commercial purposes; they were used to purchase products and as raw materials for craftsmen. (iii) Social mobility: tracing merchants over longer periods, the author states that junior members of firms sometimes ended up as h...

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