how will you make a unique contribution to the Tepper community?

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Tepper Business School Admission Essay

Essay Question: The Tepper School`s culture relies on all members to be active contributors to our community. With your values, experiences, and interests, how will you make a unique contribution to the Tepper community? Your examples may include classroom interaction, student activities, career development, community service, etc. Interests: -Basketball- Played varsity basketball in elementary and high school -volleyball - played varsity volleyball in high school and became the captain -golf Volunteer work: -Church Fundraising for building funds experience: -when im only 19 years old, i was given an opportunity by my parents to participate in the opening of new franchise from Australia, called Boos Juice Bar and I was given a huge responsibility by my parent, to become the operation manager. Culture and Believe: -Christianity -Still follow the old Indonesian culture If i was given the opportunity to make contribution I would: -Participate in Asian club, Christian club and Asian Christian fellowship; showing the importance of keeping our values and cultures, and the importance of religion. -Share and exchange experiences with classmates. I will actively participate in the classroom. -I`d like to actively participate in programs that can combine entrepreneurial skills with passion in the business, in particularly to help grow the smaller business entities. This way I can foster a sense of community, to share with and learn from others too. At the same time I will be able to develop entrepreneurial, managerial and leadership skills that will not only has an effect on me but also to all the people concerned and involved. -Represent Carnegie Mellon in Golf tournaments -I have interest in economics that is why I have a minor in Economics for my undergraduate degree. If I am given the opportunity to work with a professor and faculty to create a timely course, I would create a course entitled: - "Corruption: Impact on business and society" --> I am originally from Indonesia, so I have a huge concern about Indonesian economy, and corruption is a big problem in Indonesia. - "Asian, European and Global Financial Crisis: Analysis and Policy Implication" --> I was still 7 years old when the asian financial crisis in 1997 happen. My curiosity started, as I`d like to know and to comprehend that topics. At that time, our family have to move to Australia and stay for 6 months for safety.That is why this topic bring up my interest.I also major in Finance in college and intended to pursue this career path after getting my MBA. A lot of my course work and assignments were related to these topics. Message to the writter: The information I gave you act as a guide. Feel free to modify or elaborate it. Hope that you can help me create an essay that will strengthen my application. Thank you. Feel free to contact me if you need more information.
TEPPER BUSINESS SCHOOL ADMISSION ESSAYName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(02 March 2011 Tepper Business School Admission Essay This forms the point in my life when I have to realize the person I want to be in life, and what I have to do to attain it. Becoming student at Tepper Business School is a priority for me. The fact is that, I do not only want to learn about new things, but also want to share my values, experiences, and interests with other students as well. I understand that, I will not only fit the education community of Tepper Business School, but also give my classmate an example of culture flexibility as well as respect to different perceptions. It is good for parents to provide opportunities for their kids to learn new things while are still young. The opportunity that I was provided with my parents to be the operation manger at Boos Juice Bar when I was still 19 has provided me with a lot of experience in fundraising for building funds. In my opinion, I consider it much significant for anyone to follow his/her own culture and understand it deeply. Being an Indonesian, I believe in old Indonesian culture, but am much flexible as I respect the ways that are not mine. Gi...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions