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HR Department


This has to be on the company Stamps.Com Inc from (00035855) not Mcdonalds.

Also this paper has to be on the same company used for 00035570 and 00035855, Inc

(1)Use the Internet and/or Strayer Learning Resource Center to research the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA). Focus on the regulations requiring U.S. citizens to obtain health insurance. Take a position on whether "pay or play" is justifiable in enforcing this law. Provide a rationale for your position. (1 page with 2 sources)

(2)Create a job posting for the job description you created with Assignment 3 (00035919) (1 page). Submit your job posting with the Subject titled “JOB POSTING_Insert Job Title_ Insert Your First and Last Name” (i.e., JOB POSTING_HR Supervisor_Jane Doe). Create a Cover Letter(1 page) and Resume for the position( 1 page). 

•Note: The document containing your Cover Letter and Resume must be in either Microsoft Word or PDF format, as an attachment.

•Note: Do not include your home address in your Cover Letter and Resume.

(3)Create the interview form( 1 page). Using the job description from Assignment 3 (00035919) to write the interview questions. 

oHint: Review the article “Types of Interviews”, located at 


Human Resources Department Name: Institution: Course: Date: Affordable care act 2010 Since the passage of the Medicaid and the Medicare more than four decades ago, the Affordable Care Act of 2010, commonly referred to as Obama care is the biggest and most recent health care system overhaul in the US. This Act provides that health insurance is made affordable, through lowering the insurance rates so that more people have access to health insurance and therefore health care access. According to the Act, the insurance companies are now supposed to offer cover to all those that come applying regardless of their health history or even sex (Obamacare Facts, 2015). Section 4980H is one of the parts of the act that was amended and one that has affected companies such as Stamp.Com Inc, relative to the fact that, the company employs more than 50 full-time employees (Obamacare Facts, 2015). As such the company falls under a category that would otherwise be considered to be large. The section commonly referred to as ‘Pay or play’, is a two prong employer responsibility. For Stamps.Com Inc, they are supposed to play, by offering their employees affordable insurance coverage that meets the minimum value possible. Otherwise they would have to pay by incurring penalties if in the first case they do not offer coverage that would be considered substantial relative to the number of employee that it has employed (Obamacare Facts, 2015). In the second case they would also be ...

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