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This module is designed to appeal to a range of students who are seeking to develop a HR career with a focus on those who may be considering a long term Senior managerial HRM career. The unit is designated as core by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) making its successful completion a prerequisite for those seeking Chartered Membership. It is intended to provide students with a holistic understanding of the complex and changing organisational contextual circumstances, whether in the market, public or third sectors. The focus is on long term trends in the business environment that have the greatest effect on HRM both directly and indirectly. The range of subjects studied will be wide, encompassing the competitive environment, political, social, legal, demographic, technological, and economic developments with a particular emphasis on globalisation and its impact. A further theme will be the strategic response of organisations to developments in their environments. An introduction to contemporary thinking about business strategy and the role played by HR strategy making in assisting organisations to achieve their objectives. Major contemporary developments in the fields of finance, marketing and information management will be examined in relation to understanding the business environment in which HR professionals work.

dentifying tools used in environmental analysis
Examining HR strategy and the theoretical perspectives on the nature of HR strategy
The impact of globalisation on HRM
The relationship between Business strategy and HR strategy
Key technological developments
Major developments in UK government regulation and inter-governmental regulation
Social trends
• Short term and long term economic trends
Demographic trends and labour market developments
Competition and choice

Students will be able to meet the learning outcomes contained in the CIPDs advanced diploma syllabus for HRM in Context

Analyse and critically evaluate major environmental developments in the business environment in the following fields:

• the competitive environment

• labour markets

• globalisation and international forces

• demographic, social, economic, and technological trends

• government policy and regulation

• evaluate major contemporary theoretical and managerial perspectives on strategy making in organisations with a specific emphasis on HR strategies

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions