HRM6001 Managing Self and Others

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As part of the formal assessment for the programme you are required to submit a Managing Self and Others report and reflective blog. Please refer to your Student Handbook for full details of the programme assessment scheme and general
information on preparing and submitting assignments.
After completing the module, you should be able to:
1. Evaluate concepts associated with career development strategies.
2. Assess the development of a lifelong learning approach and skills development
taken by yourself and others.
3. Evaluate and apply a range of strategies that lead to ‘high performance’ people.
4. Apply such strategies to working as an individual or as part of a team.

5. Reflect on your personal performance to demonstrate learning and self-
Lifelong Learning: Manage employability, utilising the skills of personal development and planning in different contexts to contribute to society and the
Consider the content and theory that you have learnt in the Module - Managing Self and Others and apply this to answer the following questions:
Question 1 - Career Development and Lifelong Learning
Create your own individual PDP that shows evidence of your development achieved in the past 12 months and applies your planned development for the
next 12 months.
To achieve this, you must demonstrate how you manage yourself. This should include how you manage stress, positive thinking and assertiveness to produce your own career development plans. You should create plans for goal setting, a personal skills audit and a personal SWOT. From this, you can then create your
Within your PDP include examples and evidence that demonstrate advanced learning methods, learning resources, learning timescales, expected outcomes and any necessary communications that may support your learning and
development. Please read Lesson 3 Career Development, Future Planning and Reflective Practice for information on how to complete your skills audit,
Produce an illustrated report that assesses how strategies for skills development and lifelong learning may enable career development for you and your team
To achieve this, evaluate concepts associated with career development strategies in order to consider how the skills and career development of employees through integrated personal development planning may support
employee motivation and, ultimately, employee retention and progression.
Question 2 - High Performance Individuals and Teams
Create your own blog to produce a concise summary to answer the following:
To achieve this, you must undertake a series of postings and exchanges using either the ilearn Discussion Forum (with students) or your own blog site (with work colleagues) using examples from your workplace or previous experience. It
will be important to engage with other students or colleagues from as early as week 2 of this module to promote collaborative learning and gain different
The blog content should be pasted into an appendix and referred to in your summary.
Produce an illustrated report that evaluates how high-performance strategies enable you to reflect on how you may work effectively as part of a team.
To achieve this, consider how strategies intended to develop high performance may enable you to meet your personal development needs when working with individuals (individual differences, perceptions and attitudes, learning,
development and motivation communication skills) and, in doing so, help create high performing teams.

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