HRMG 3050 - Training and Development

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The purpose of this group project is to provide the students with an opportunity to apply the course concepts to develop a comprehensive training and development plan for an organization of their choice. 



Due Dates: 

Project Task 1 (5%) – Due in Dropbox by February 3

Project Task 2 (10%) – Due in Dropbox by March 2

Project Task 3 & 4 (10%) – Due in Dropbox by March 23

Project Task 5 (10%) – Due in Dropbox by April 6



Project Task 1 (5%)

  • Form your group and exchange contact information with all members of the group.
  • Using the Group Project Template Provided in D2L, create the Title Page for your group project.
  • The Title Page will include ALL group member names and ID Numbers.
  • Choose a Medium or Large PUBLICALLY TRADED Company for your report.  You will be gathering publicly available information for this company, so make sure you can get:
    • Number of Employees
    • Company Sales Figures
    • Company Industry Information
    • Submit the Title Page to Dropbox in D2L NO LATER THAN 11:59pm SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3.
    • Only One person per group has to submit the project, but Late Submissions will lose THREE POINTS.



Project Task 2 (10%)

  • Each group will write AT LEAST FIVE PAGES detailing the following:
  • Short History/Description of the company you have chosen.
  • Main Products/Services your company provides.
  • Main Industry and Competitors for your company.
  • General Management Structure of your company.





Project Task 3 and 4 (10%)

  • Two or Three Pages
  • Review and report the financial reports that are publicly available for your company.
    • Include the Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    • Include the Number of Employees


  • At Least Five Pages
  • Review and Include ANY Publicly available information that might be available about what jobs the company is currently advertising for.
  • Try to find any information that might be publicly available about any training and Development Programs
  • Include Any Information that might be interesting/helpful such as “Employees from 70 countries” or “Operates in 30 Countries” that might be helpful in designing a training and development plan.



Project Task 5 (10%)

  • At Least Five Pages, including charts and pictures
  • Choose a job category (sales, accounting, international shipping etc.) and write a Training and Development Plan for this job category.
  • Make sure you refer to the materials we have covered in class during the semester.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions