HRMG 4010 International Human Resources Management Group Project

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Review and Analysis of IHRM practices in an organization

The purpose of this Group Project assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to
apply their course knowledge of international human resources management as it applies to
multinational organizations operating in Qatar. The assignment is a review and analysis of three
aspects of an organization’s international HR practices: 1|Expatriate motivation and retention,
2|expatriate compensation, and 3| expatriate performance management. Working in groups
students are required to choose a multinational organization operating in Qatar and describe
how this company applies these three concepts. Students will also make recommendations to
the organization based on their understanding of course material and independent research.
1. Please create your groups in D2L. Course Tools >
2. In your groups: exchange contact information with each other. Discuss the project with
your group members and decide what responsibilities each of your group members may
play within the team.
3. The project is a review and analysis of IHRM practices. Your task is to select a
multinational organization in Qatar, and describe how this organization applies the
three concepts of expatriate motivation and retention, expatriate compensation, and
expatriate performance management. Please choose an organization where you can
have access to employee(s) to ask questions.
4. Prepare a list of at least 3 (three) questions per topic that you would ask the company.
5. Submit the Project Proposal. The Proposal should include the name of your chosen
company, a project plan, timeline (Gantt Chart), division of responsibilities amongst
group members, and the questions per topic.
When you approach the company, assure them of confidentiality – the employee(s)
should remain anonymous and all the information you gather will be used for academic
purposes only.
7. If the company you chose do not have relevant policies on the topic you chose, or only
implements it in a narrow scope, you still need to explain the topic, its importance, and
make detailed recommendations that you think they should implement.
8. Make recommendations that will assist your chosen company in each topic area, based
on what you have learnt in class.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions