HRMG 4020 Project – Report & Presentation

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Students are required to choose a topic from the following list:

  1. Using total rewards as a retention tool
  2. Increase of variable pay in an organization
  3. Increase in use of wellness benefits in organizations
  4. Best practices to connect performance to pay
  5. Pay transparency and impact on companies
  6. Alternative work arrangements and pay
  7. Using pay to reduce employee turnover
  8. Techniques to choose the best benefits provider for a company
  9. Geo-differential pay (geography-based salaries)
  10. Using employee voluntary benefits as a retention tool
  11. How to personalize total rewards for each employee
  12. Non-traditional benefits for the younger generation
  13. Shortened work weeks and the impact on total rewards
  14. Impact of employee mental health on total rewards
  15. Impact of labour shortages on total rewards
  16. Best practices related to gender equity in total rewards
  17. A topic of their choosing (but with instructor pre-approval)

Students will work in small groups (maximum of five people in a group) and research their topic.

: If a team member is not contributing to the team, they may be removed from the team. This person will be solely responsible for the entire project. Please contact me by October 26, 2023 if there is an issue. All changes must be completed by November 4th, 2023. This deadline allows the individual enough time to complete the project on their own. Any issue that may arise after this date will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.


General Report Formatting:

  • 5-8 pages in length (does not include cover page, bibliography or appendices)
  • Written in Arial 11, with student name and ID clearly written on the cover page
  • Annotated Bibliography must use APA, 7th edition. Please consult the Advanced Writing Centre for assistance where necessary. If the information is not properly cited, a grade of zero (0) will be given to the entire group. The instructor will be using TurnItIn to verify the information in the report. A similarity report greater then 10% will also be given a zero (0) grade.
  • In today’s world, the use of AI Assistants is common. If you do use one, please ensure that it has been recognized in the bibliography and the prompt(s) used is included.

Please be aware that AI assistants are still susceptible to “hallucinations” and are there to answer all of your questions – even if incorrectly answered. You MUST include a reliable resource as a back-up to information they provide you.



The research must include:

  • A minimum of 5 reliable resources (NO Wikipedia please!) – peer-reviewed journals, HR publications, trade magazines, valid website (i.e. SHRM, CIPD, WorldatWork) etc.
  • An annotated bibliography for these 5 reliable resources must be included as an Appendix.
  • 1 example of a GCC company that either uses the practice, or may be used to demonstrate the situation (and explanation)


Presentation / Interview Options:

If the presentation option is chosen, each team member must:

  • Speak for at least 1-2 minutes
  • Must be between 8 minutes and 10 minutes in length
  • Clearly summarizes the main points found in the research
  • Please be aware that each team will be asked questions about both process and content of their project
  • Teams will be assessed as a whole


If the interview option is chosen:

  • Each team member will be asked a minimum of 4 questions
  • Each person will be assessed individually

HRMG4020 – CLO2                 Skill Grid Exercise 1

Create a skill-based pay structure for a police officer:

  1. What information should be collected before beginning to create a skill-based pay structure for a police officer?




  1. How should this information be collected (3 ways)? Why did you choose these methods?





  1. Who should be involved with collecting this information?





  1. What are the skill blocks that should be used to develop the skill-based pay structure?
    1. Foundation (2)




  1. Core Elective Choices (3)




  1. Optional Electives (4)





  1. Who should certify that the police officer’s skills are fully understood?




  1. Create the skill-based pay structure.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions