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One of the common projects that HR tends to get involved with is creating guides for line managers regarding a current topic or trend. This final project will allow students to demonstrate their understanding of course knowledge, personal skills, and their creativity in an applied manner as they create an e-zine (or electronic magazine) that will be a guide line managers can use to understand what diversity and inclusion is, and provide steps and advice related to common D&I issues in the workplace.

Teams of up to three (3) people will be allowed for this assignment. Working alone will not be allowed

This final project is in three parts:

Part 1 (10%):
Designing a magazine targeted at line managers (team leaders, supervisors, managers) using Flipsnack or Canva.

Canva: (in the search bar, type “zine” and enter)

Flipsnack: (top right, “try for free” to create an account and start)

a)    The magazine (or e-zine) must be between 8-10 pages, including the cover page and back page.

                      i.        Cover page

                     ii.        Front-of-magazine format (columns, news, trends etc.)

                    iii.        Features (see Part 2)

                   iv.        Back-of-magazine content (reader-engagement pieces, student names & IDs)

Part 2 (15%):

Writing a minimum of four (4) articles related to diversity and inclusion. Each article should be a between 2,000-3,000 words, and include new and original content.

  • The first article MUST be an introduction and provide key information related to what D&I is, and how it could affect a line manager in their day-to-day operations.
  • One article MUST be related in some way to Qatar.


a)    A copy of each article must be submitted as one Word document to Dropbox to be analyzed for originality by Turnitin. This document must also include all APA references.

b)    It is highly recommended that you download and save a copy of the pdf if you use a trial version of the website to ensure that it is saved for marking.

c)    A similarity score of 15% or higher will result in a grade of zero (0) for this portion of the project. An academic dishonesty report will also be filed for the entire team.

d)    If you have questions related to writing magazine articles, please consult the Advanced Writing Centre, or read the Guide on page 3.

e)    Extra credit may be given to those teams who are able to incorporate an interview from a leader into their article. Make sure to gain their permission to use their quotations/comments, and please advise them their information may be shared beyond the class. This is best done by receiving an email with their permission to use their comments in your article.

Part 3 (5%):
A final 5 minute presentation outlining the project.

a)    Each team member must be present and contribute to the team’s presentation.

b)    If a team member is absent for the presentation, they will receive a zero (0) grade for this portion of the project. Due to time constraints during the final weeks of the semester, there may be not be an opportunity to re-schedule the presentation time, but please speak with me should difficulties arise.

Note: If a team member is not contributing to the team, they may be removed from the team. This person will be solely responsible for the entire project. Please contact me by November 11, 2023 if there is an issue. All changes must be completed by November 14, 2023. This deadline allows the individual enough time to complete the project on their own. Any issue that may arise after this date will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions