HRMG3010 – Human Resource Planning & Selection Workforce Planning video Podcast

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to research and familiarize themselves with workforces planning trend.  Students will be required to research and read from recent news articles and case studies then select one trend. Students will apply the trend to the Qatar market and discuss the implications of their research to business in the future.

Students will summarize the principles and concepts learned by introducing the trend, explaining why it was selected, describing how the trend applies to HR planning and/or selection, outlining the effects the trend could have on HR planning and/or selection and highlighting the most important aspect of the selected trend.

Value:                        15%of HRMG 3010 course final grade.


Search UDST library website or the Internet in general and find an article or case study or a blog on one trend in workforce planning.  Pick one of the top trends that interests you. Read what they say in the articles and the case analysis about the trend. Research the trend by reading several other cases and articles on this topic (minimum three to a maximum of five other articles) Read the articles or the case studies thoroughly and make sure that you clearly understand the trend the article or the case is discussing. Upload it into D2L for your instructor and classmates to access.  Then create minimum six-minute and maximum 8-minutes podcast specifically answering or addressing the following areas or questions:

  1. Introduce the trend you have selected
  2. Explain why you have selected the trend
  3. Background on the trend and compare the resources
  4. Describe how the trend applies to HR Planning and/or Selection
  5. Outline possible effects the trend could have on HR Planning and/or Selection in today’s

            Organization and to the Qatar market.

  1. What is your “Aha” moment? In other words, what attracted you the most to this trend or what

            is the most important thing you have learned from the trend? 


The video podcast must be in your own words and must be your own work. “Your own words” means it must be in the words that you use when you write answers in exams and how you communicate with your instructor!

Any violations or plagiarism will result in a zero and an Academic Dishonesty report will be filed.

Price: £120

100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions