HRMG4092 – Case Analysis

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Part 1: Analysis of SoundCloud

Read the document “How SoundCloud’s Team Drives Decisions with Data.”
Found under D2L -> Case Analysis

Answer the following questions:

  1. Formulate a clear statement of the problem.
  2. What are three key takeaways from this case study?
  3. Was there anything about the implementation / results that surprised you? Why?
  4. Were there any critical elements that the team forgot to consider throughout the implementation process? If so, identify at least one and how you would have ensured that it was embedded.

A minimum of 400 words for this part is expected.

Part 2: Recommendations

Include a minimum of two (2) reliable resources, create between 2-5 recommendations for SoundCloud, which would help them in their current problem. Each recommendation should include:

  • The background leading to the recommendation
  • The reason why you believe it would help solve SoundCloud’s problem

A minimum of 300 words for this part is expected.

Part 3: Respond

Respond to two (2) other students’ case analysis. A minimum of 300 words per response is expected (you can write more).



When reviewing your discussion posts (the initial thread as well as your responses), I consider the following:


High Marks

Low Marks

Course Connection

Post is insightful, creative, thorough, honest, and meaningful. There is some connection to the course content through the use of supporting facts / information.

Post lacks insight, depth, and connection to course.


Post demonstrates a thorough, accurate, understanding of course content, with specific details and evidence. Responses are thorough, detailed, and express additional insights.

Post does not demonstrate accurate or sufficient evidence of understanding of the case and/or course content. Insight is lacking.


Post is complete, thoughtful, considerate, supporting of other, connects to content in such a way to encourage others to reply.

Post is incomplete, disrespectful, or lacks personal consideration of others. No effort is made to frame the discussion posting in such a way as to encourage others to reply.


Post is on time, complete, highly polished; no typos, grammar, or spelling errors.

Post is not made before the deadline, is incomplete, too brief; writing is unclear with grammatical and or spelling errors.

Academic Integrity

Posts are written following academic integrity expectations, in student’s own words. (use APA format) 

If you use AI (i.e. ChatGPT), please acknowledge it by using APA format, including the prompt(s) you use, AND expand on the information.

Any copy and paste will result in a potential grade of zero. 

Post does not follow academic integrity expectations (not in author`s own words)


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions