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Email to Habitus Outlining the Current Presenting Problems

Habitus Management,

Subject: Current Presenting Problems in Your Organization

I thank you for contacting me to be a communication consultant in matters regarding your organization. I am writing to inform you about various problems that have come to my attention after analysing your charity organization. Your organization has several communication and marketing hiccups that need to be adequately addressed to ensure the growth of your sponsors, revenue base, company profile, and expansion of your projects. The analysis of the organization has revealed five major problems that need to be looked at and will be explained in detail in the report. These problems are poor communication within the organization, resistance to change, poor management structure, heavy reliance on two departments and centralization of activities, and a poor approach to social media marketing. Kindly peruse through the attached report to understand these problems and get recorded ways in which the problems can be addressed.

Yours Faithfully

Communication Consultant

Executive Summary

Communication flow is paramount to the success of any organization because the management can be able to express themselves to the subordinates and vice versa which encourage participation and boosts motivation. The analysis of the Habitus case reveals that there are various problems facing the company which is related to communication. These challenges include poor internal communication and high resistance to change. The study proposes the company to have an open communication environment which will allow all stakeholders to give their opinions and thus have a sense of belonging to the organization.


Effective organization communication is an exemplary testament of healthy working relationships in an organization. Organization communication refers to process through which the activities of a given organization or society are coordinated and collected to attain the overall goals of both the collective group and the individual (Eisenberg and Goodall, 2014). Poor organization communication results to employees demotivation, high job, turn over and makes the stakeholders lose the sense of belonging. For a charity organization that relies mainly on the sponsorship and public events to raise funds for its activities, communication channels chosen will determine its level of success (Miller, 2014). Raising fund for charity organization requires convincing people to share in your mission, and given the social diversity employment of different communication strategies within and without the organization is paramount to helping the organization to scale the height of financial and social endeavours success (Shockley-Zalabak, 2011).

Given the importance of internal and external organizational communication, this reports the holistic overview of the Habitus organization. Specifically, the report looks at the problems facing the organization in its communication areas within the context of the available communication theories. The report commences by looking at the literature review. In the literature review various benefits of social media, forms of communications, and suggested ways of improving organization communication are addressed. The report then gives the method section that highlights the approach that should be taken to change the Habitus organization to ensure enhanced internal coordination and organization. The company ten analyses and discusses the implications of the models given in the methodology section before ending with the conclusion and recommendation.

Literature Review

The main function of communication in an organization is to inform, promote goodwill and persuade other stakeholders. According to Masterman and Wood (2006), organization management should create an ambient and serene envir………………

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions