Human Resource Management in HCO

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Part A

Assignment: Maximum 2500 words (+/- 10%) – 60 marks

VUCA-type (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) contemporary contexts and

dynamics (for example: COVID, financial pressures/economic crisis/ labour market shortages/

geo-political tensions) are becoming the ‘new global norm’. Healthcare organizations have to

operate in, and deal with, the challenges these environments create.

How, and to what extent, is human resource management able to engage with, and support,

healthcare professionals in dealing with the challenges that are presented by this changing

world? (CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO3)

Assessment Guidance:

In answering the question, you may find it helpful to focus on one particular dimension, for

example, training and development, reward systems, leadership, effectiveness, workforce

management etc.

Equally you may also choose to focus on a particular/specific national sector.

By narrowing down and creating focus it will make it easier for you to respond to the question

Essentially, it is important to choose a focus that really has genuine interest and value for you.

In other words, write about something that you want to learn more about and understand more

for your professional practice.

The assessment for this module is an individual critical evaluation report of up to 2500 words

in length. You should select material from throughout the module and wider afield as required.

You must use module concepts and texts as a foundation for your work.

In your assignment you need to demonstrate:

▪ An ability to review and critique relevant conceptual, theoretical and practitioner


▪ The ability to apply theoretical frameworks and concepts to varying practical

situations, instances and healthcare case contexts;

▪ The ability to understand and discuss philosophies and paradigms underpinning

organizational dynamics;

▪ Make useful recommendations in relation to HR design/conceptualisation and practice;

▪ The use of examples with which to illustrate your answer;

▪ Use of a couple/ a few sub-headings during the course of the argument/essay;

▪ APA 7th edition referencing of all sources employed in your assignment.


Part B

Presentation part of the Assignment – 40 marks

Your director of service is concerned about the HRM issues, pressures and challenges

facing your specialist area/service/department and says she/he would value a presentation

on these. (CLO 1 & CLO 3)

Presentation Guidelines:

The presentation should:

- Identify the issues, pressures and challenges relating to HRM that are affecting your

specialist area/service/department;

- Provide proposed solutions and recommendations to the issues, pressures and

challenges identified;

- Employ academic references and relate the solutions /recommendations to academic

and wider literature(s).

- Employ APA 7th edition reference

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions