I am not quite clear on what your business problem is?

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A Comparison of Rental Property Investment

Hello, The subject area is real estate. I am going to upload you an example of the essay (Independant Research Study) please follow the same structure, the project outline, my introduction aim objectives with the comment of the teacher below. Please fix my first part according to the comment and continue the rest. Im going to upload you also the password of the database (proquest, emerald..) to use as much as possible. Contact me for any questions please. teacher comment for fist part: I am not quite clear on what your business problem is? I understand it is related to real estate investment, but how do you intend to conclude what is the best investment? However, I am sure this can be refined into a IRS topic. best regards, Henri Kuokkanen
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:Real Estate: A Comparison of Rental Property Investment between London and Paris.BackgroundReal estate investment is an appreciated form of long term investments and always preferred to the long-term stock investment. Real estate refers to the property, which is land plus the building and any other development on the land including fencing, building and any other on site improvement (Smith, 2007). A properly developed real property will mean a consistent flow of income from the rental payments received. According to, Hareyan, 2010, the investment realizes a consistent, predictable cash flow. In the long term, the property is bound to increase in value as a result of appreciation, thus its capital value continues to increase. Despite these facts, the global financial crisis had its effects on real estate investment. Real estate investment differs in different cities. The differences are as a result of various factors. This essay will analyze real estate investment in London and Paris. London and Paris are the best cities to invest in (Greater Paris Investment Agency (GPIA), 2010). The essay will compare property investment in the two cities as it highlights the factors that are responsible for the differences. An analysis of the effect of globalization and the impact the recent global financial crisis had on real estate investment in London and Paris will be part of this essay. Real estate investing is an investment portfolio that is preferred by many investors worldwide (Smith, 2007). Investors will require information in the decision making in selecting which city to invest in. This information will be provided in this essay. Real estate property valuation is complicated but it is important for an investor as it will be used to determine how much profit an investor will make in future. The value of property will depend on several factors with location being a big influence. The population density will usually influence the value of the property as density of occupation will be used in determining the value of the cost per unit value of property (Price and Clark, 2009). To get the real value of property will in most case require an expert. The expert will in most cases provide the market value of the property which is the value between a willing and informed buyer and an independent seller in an arms-length transaction. To value the building and its performance, the valuer will usually use the cost per unit price and how much that unit is likely to bring back in terms of sales. This will be compared with the value the property is expected to return back as returns and how long the returns will take to bring profits to the investor (Hareyan, 2010). This market value will be used to determine the investor value, the insurable value and the liquidation value. Investor`s value is the value the investors pay for the property. The insurable value is the value that insurers will use to determine how much insurance prem...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions