Ideal Agency Proposal

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Ideal Agency Proposal

Team B’s ideal agency would include the entire community, with no age nor income limitations. The agency would encourage living a healthy lifestyle by promoting a healthy diet and partaking in physical activity. Team B’s proposal for our ideal agency includes a vision, mission, value statements for strategic planning, major goals and objectives, budget development and management processes, and the importance of resource acquisitions.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to have individuals, families, and communities leading healthier lives. We foresee future generations eating healthier and participating in more physical activity. Our mission is to educate clients by providing classes led by nutritionists and fitness experts and by providing an outlet for activity and vouchers to provide free, healthy foods. We will empower families to live longer and healthier lives through education and supplemental foods.

Value Statements for Strategic Planning

Values represent the core priorities in an organization’s culture; they are an important part in strategic planning. Developing a values statement for strategic planning sets the intent and direction for planning. Team B’s ideal agency would hold as its values: balance, accountability, supplement, innovation, and community. The value of balance commits our agency to helping clients live a healthy and nutritious life. Accountability is the reliability and responsibility of our staff to focus on providing ways to enhance client’s diet and physical activity. Having supplement as a value leads our team to understand the importance of adding nutritious foods to the client’s diet. The value of innovation reminds our team to be creative in ways to include healthy foods and increased physical activity to the client’s lifestyle. Community is the core of our statement because it is inclusive of everybody becoming involved in our program.

Goals and Objectives

Team B’s goals and objectives for our ideal agency mirror the mission and vision statements. Our goals and objectives follow the SMART acronym standing for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Based. Our first goal is to provide healthy food alternatives to our clients. We will achieve this goal with two objectives: to collaborate with local farmers markets to donate produce to our program then hand out vouchers to clients for free produce at the local markets. This not only forges a relationship with community resources but also entices the client to go back to purchase additional fresh produce to include in their everyday diets. Our second goal is to simply promote a healthy diet. This will be achieved by establishing a weekly seminar with a nutritionist and by creating a webpage and pamphlets with healthy recipe choices. An additional objective is to provide clients with a means of sharing their healthy recipes to promote community. Our third goal is to encourage clients to become and remain physically active. This will be accomplished by establishing a weekly schedule for clients to meet and participate in a group activity led by a fitness expert. Our second objective for our third goal is to hold a monthly seminar hosted by a fitness expert to give tips on continuing a healthy, active lifestyle.

Budget Development and Resource Acquisitions

Budget development is the process by which the organization establishes its program priorities, objectives, and service levels for the upcoming financial year. To ensure effective program service design and delivery, budgeting comes in handy since it is the tool the organization can use to control decisions on spending. During budget development, the following activities are involved: setting policy, establishment of programs, expression of service level, resources identification and establishing performance measures. The steps can be summarized into: policy guidance, management planning, financial planning, revenue projections, development of budget calendar, personnel projection, form preparation, expenditure request analysis, and preparation of final budget and finally adoption of the budget. This process is essential as it improves decision making through delegation of spending authority and provision of accountability (Wallace, 2016).

Resource acquisitions in which our ideal agency would use are grants, contracts, and donation contributions. The importance of resource acquisition is that it will allow the organization to pursue projects in which the absence of these acquired resources would not be possible. Availability of acquired resources in the right amount is essential as it ensures accomplishment of tasks by meeting the needs of the organization (Martin, 2016). An example of resource acquisition that our ideal agency would use are the donations from the farmers markets.


Team B’s ideal agency is an all-inclusive agency that simply envisions a healthier, more active community. With SMART goals and objectives, the agency can easily track progress for growth and ways to better the organization and community. Developing a budget according to the needs of the agency and the community is a task that does not come lightly because of its importance to ensuring the required funds. Overall, Team B’s ideal agency would be a great plug for existing agencies such as WIC to refer clients to as an extension of their organization.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions