Identify and discuss a leadership style that best describe you.

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Effective Democratic Leadership


Leadership Effectiveness Individual Paper Assignment (10 % of total grade)


Student to work as an Individual on this assignment


Grading Rubric for Leadership Effectiveness Individual Paper (10%) of Grade]


Identify and discuss a leadership style that best describe you.

Analyze your Mean Score outcome from the What’s Your Personal Leadership IQ exercise.

Discuss a personal leadership strengths and weakness noted in your Personal Leadership IQ results?

Discuss a time in your employment where you demonstrated effective and successful leadership

The paper, including the title page, reference page (5 references within 5 past years). Source Peer Reviewed Journals, tables, and/or appendices, headings, introduction and conclusions that follows APA 6th edition guidelines for format including headings. Within  750 – 1,000 word count References not past the year 2009.


Effective LeadershipNameInstitutionInstructorDate dueEffective LeadershipAccording to Adair (2009), leadership is the ability to effectively lead command or precede a group, organization or country. It is important as a leader to be able to lead oneself effectively before undertaking the task of leading others. The way of leading helps one to shape his or her life since the life that one leads help them to lead (Sperry, 2013). Personal leadership, which is the leadership of oneself offers one a chance to create true prosperity- kind of happiness that occurs not just from financial gain, but also from the richness of life ( Walker, 2009 monday, November 16). Personal leadership aids an individual with the ability to define direction of their leadership and life, and to move in that direction with consistency and clarity (Sperry, 2013).Leadership style that describes meDemocratic leadershipI consider this leadership style the best since it involves making the final decision but includes team members in the decision making process (Adair, 2011). The team members involved encourage creativity and strength of the decision made. As a result, the outcome of any project is satisfactory and of high productivity (Jeffrey, 2009). This style of leadership encompasses discuss...

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