Identify the health issue clearly

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Understanding of any Theories Related to the Global Health


Read the below articles and provide one page summary of each article (Two pages required. One page each article)
Depth of Reflection:
Provided two peer-reviewed articles of an identified global health
issue published within the past 5 years
Provide a succinct review of the articles (1 pages each)
Identify the health issue clearly
Highlight why the issue is of importance
Illustrate an understanding of any theories related to the issue
The articles chosen are:
chandran, a., hyder, a. a., & peek-asa, c. (2010). the global burden of unintentional injuries and an agenda for progress. epidemiologic reviews, 10.
stewart, k.-a., groen, r. s., kamara, t. b., farahzard, m., samai, m., yambasu, s. e., . . . wren, s. m. (2013). traumatic injuries in developing countries: report from a nationwide cross-sectional survey of sierra leone. JAMA Surg., 16.


Global Health Name Institutional Affiliation Global Health Injuries are physical damages to a person’s body caused by either an accident or an attack. They can cause death, disability or leave a person with scars. The injuries include falls, hits, scratches, burns, fractures, sprains, strains, dislocations, or bruises. The essay provides a summary of two articles portraying the research carried out to overlook the issues of injuries recorded worldwide. They focus on the causes, and measure that can be implemented to curtail the effects associated with the injuries. The articles are “Traumatic Injuries in Developing Countries” by Stewart, et al and “The Global Burden of Unintentional Injuries” by Chandran, Hyder and Peek-Ass. They further anal


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