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Question 1                                                                                          Marked out of 1.00


eBay buyers voluntarily comment to other users and sellers on the quality of service, promptness of shipping, and their general satisfaction with the product. This is one of the most popular examples of user-generated content and is called ___________.


Select one:


  1. Reputation system
  2. User-generated sales cycle
  3. Explicit system
  4. Knowledge system


Question 2                                                                                          Marked out of 1.00


If a business is following a focused strategy, its competitive scope is _______.


Select one:


  1. Broad market
  2. Narrow market
  3. Broad range products
  4. Broad range of services


Question 3                                                                                          Marked out of 1.00


Susan teaches many individuals and business professionals how and why to use e-business, and the benefits and challenges. Of the five e-business challenges, which of the following is the most crucial challenge to consider before engaging in e-business?


Select one:


  1. Adhering to taxation rules
  2. Identifying limited market segments
  3. Managing consumer relationships
  4. Ensuring consumer protection


Question 4                                                                                          Marked out of 1.00


Granting access to corporate networks in an organisation relies on ___________ the user?


Select one:


  1. scoring
  2. identifying
  3. electronically welcoming
  4. parsing


Question 5                                                                                          Marked out of 1.00


Which of the following is not a topic or feature that is included in Web 3.0?


Select one:


  1. Social networking
  2. Integration of legacy devices
  3. A worldwide database
  4. Intelligent applications


Question 6                                                                                          Marked out of 1.00


Shawn McGill is on the executive board for ABC pharmaceuticals. The company produces the number one selling cancer fighting drug on the market. Due to its incredible success ABC pharmaceuticals has decided to increase the cost of the drug from $8 a pill to $15 a pill. Which force is ABC pharmaceutical using to increase its drug price?


Select one:


  1. Threat of false entrants.
  2. Business power.
  3. Supplier power.
  4. Buyer power.


Question 7                                                                                          Marked out of 1.00


Companies use the Internet to streamline their:


Select one:


  1. materials procurement
  2. cash deliveries
  3. travel bookings


Question 8                                                                                          Marked out of 1.00


Which of the below is not a valid form of an e-business revenue model?


Select one:


  1. Advertising fees
  2. Subscription fees
  3. Value-added services fees
  4. Service provider


Question 9                                                                                          Marked out of 1.00


________ is a security protocol that protects Wi-Fi networks.


Select one:


  1. Wireless security regulations
  2. Wi-Fi protected access
  3. Wi-Fi technology port
  4. Wireless prevention policy


Question 10                                                                                        Marked out of 1.00


Knowledge includes the skills, experience and expertise coupled with information and _________ that creates a person`s intellectual resources.


Select one:


  1. Enterprise information.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions