Impact of the Absolute Bowie Music Event in Bristol, United Kingdom

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However, this is the observation I have done, you can forward to the next writer: This is the observation I have been doing in the event. Luckily I could but the last ticket from the Venue. ” There is 2 parts of bowie concert. The venue is full of people and very pad. When the singer introduces his band, people in the front row are screaming and claps their hands in the air There is more than half in the venue make a little move along with the concert. About 70% of them can sing along. A few audiences waving their hands with the songs. A few of them nogging their head with the songs. But when david bowie influence his audiences to wave their hand, there are 90% waving their hands in the air. A few of them taking pictures/ recording video of Bowie concert. At the back there are people just only standing and watching the concert. Audiences screaming and claps their hands everytimes after each song ends, and every next songs begings. People is dancing harder and sing lounder on the part 2 of the concert after part 1 breake. After the concert has finished, people screaming and whistling, clapping very very loud, when bowie says goodbye”
The subject area for this dissertation is Events Management for 15,000-18,000 words. Please kindly to go see how the dissertation should be presented on page 5 and page 7 for the indicative reading lists to help you for the research in the dissertation handbook.
I am looking to work on the Impact of the music event for whom is British and non-British Residents in Bristol by Absolute Bowie, which will be held on 8th July 2016, at The Fleece, BS1 6JJ in Bristol. You will have to look at the impact and implication ( theory and Evaluate relate data) of people such as a fans of the band, basking in reflected glory ( part of the social identity theory), how the band influent people with the music/styles, type of people who is the fan of this music band, etc as you think is appropriate, but need to relate/refer the theory of the socio. Please try to stick on the socio-culture, do not need to focus on the economic that much. I will upload the dissertation proposal & dissertation handbook for you to have a look. For the dissertation proposal, you can edit it for the better and more interesting, but please stick to the same idea. However, for the data collection, should be qualitative and quantitive data collection. You should make the questions for me to collect the first hand data for this dissertation by the questionnaires for the fleece Manager, the promotor, and people who is British and non-British Residents in Bristol to answer the questions. As I have been thinking and discussed with the supervisor roughly, The question for manager at the fleece should be asking about what isare their expectation from it. For example, from the event/ the band, etc. And probably will ask him/ they again after the event about how event went on, the satisfaction etc. For the promotor should be about how they can advertise/ promote the band/event for people to come to the fleece, etc. For the crow during the event, I will probably attend to this event and see how many percentage of the fan that be able to sing along with the band either for the british and non- british residents for the quantitative data collection and observation. And for the *qualitative* data collection, you should make the own/personal link of the questionnaires for me, so that I will be able to contribute the questions around to people who lives in Bristol to fill up before the event happening to ask do you know/ not know the band before, will you be attend to the event, and are you a fan of the event, etc as you think it’s appropriate. And for during the event and after the event can be a questions survey feedback about the band and the venue.

At the moment, you should start thinking research and gathering Data collection for the questionnaires survey and interview questions for the Music Event. I like to have the data collection and interview questions by 5th July. This is the plan for the data collection:

As I understand that you have a constraints of time once you have got the writer to assign. May I please ask you to provide me the links of the questionnaires; one is for quantitative questions and another one is for qualitative questionnaires, then, interview questions for the manager and the promotor? you can use the ‘ Monkey Survey link” to operate both of qualitative and quantitative data collection. Due to the time limit, you can start working on the data collection first, then literature Review, and then methodology with the follow up feedback from the supervisor. Please make sure that you will gain the data information once people complete each link of the data collection surveys.

Can I please have the links of the questionnaires and interview questions by the 5th July? and leaving the literature review for now as you may need more time to process the data collections plan.

First: Quantitative questionnaires should be: the questionnaires before Music event happening. Within the questions should contains multiple choices of 20 questions for the people to answer th general questions eg how well known is the band/ music etc. On the opening questions should ask about the interviewee personal background eg. Age, Gender, and nationality for British or non- British who lives in Bristol. For non-British; please have a verification box to fill up their specific nationality.

Second: qualitative questionnaires should be: During the music event going on. This questionnaires should design as a rating questions from no. 1-5. 5 is the highest. The questionnaires should be about: in depth questions of how musics and the band ” impact” and influence” people / fans for 20 questions. On the opening questions should ask about the interviewee personal background eg. Age, Gender, and nationality for British or non- British who lives in Bristol. For non-British; please have a verification box to fill up their specific nationality.

Third: the interview questions for the manager and promotor should be 10-12 questions in each interview. The manager should be asked what is the expectation of this event?, will this event happen again in the future? how it went on after event etc. For promotor, should be asked about how can he promotes/ marketing to influence people to attend to the Fleece? etc.

For the observation, I am planing to go to the event and observe how many percentage of people who can sign along with the concert, then I will note it down for you.
From the 9th July (after the event) until the mid of August should be working on the Literature Review and follow up the Methodology feedback from my supervisor to link to Data Collection from the music event and analyse with the theory. Please see the literature review plan below. Also, working on interpreted the Evaluation. However, the final piece should be completed by 6th September 2016. May I please request for the writer who lives in Bristol, Uk for the easier dissertation processing and primary data collection during the event. this the link for the website:

Please note that I will fly back to my country on the 15th July, so if you like to contact me, please contact me on the messaging board or via my email.

The literature review draft of 800-1,000 words. Once again this is the plan that my supervisor gave me last week,( incase you missed out that message) that you need to complete 3,000 words in final literature review part:

A.) Intro part: context of David Bowie: Music – Money (500 words)

B.) Uk music industry. Music sector, commercial music distubute: Uk -> Europe -> USA -> Global (700 words)

C.) talk about Genre – Bowie- impact – public ( fashion, Dance) – promotion ( influences) 700 words.

D.) Career of David bowie (700 words)

( E.) Impacts – long term – following his death ( 700 words)

(F.) Conclusion – outcomes – future interst (200 words)

(G.) literature review findings.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions