In one sentence indicate what the study investigated.

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Review: Physical Activity Among the Inactive Children


Use the criteria for the Scientific Merit Rating Scale (pages 16-22 in document .pdf pages) to conduct a critical review of the recommended readings for this week. You should provide the score you assigned and explain why you the article deserves each score from the SMRS. The score assigned should be 3 out of 5.
the review should answer the following questions: 1) In one sentence indicate what the study investigated. 2)Was it a single subject design? 3)What did the study measure? Was there a clear definition? Was the data collection reliable? 4)What was the intervention? Was there a clear description? Was the accuracy of the intervention measured and reported?5)Was there a clear description of the participants? Is there information that clarifies how the participants were identified and selected (e.g., how were their diagnoses, if any, given? Who or what tools were used to decide who would participate in the study?). Was there attrition or loss of data for any reason?6)Briefly explain how the study was conducted; how was the IV implemented?Describe what the data show, based on the IV and DV explained earlier. Was there any demonstration that the treatment effects on the behavior spread across time, settings, stimuli, responses or persons?In one or two sentences only, indicate what the study concluded based on the results (not your personal conclusion). The above questions should be added in a brief way


Article Review Name: Institution: Course: Date: Article Review The article is about an evaluation of effects of exergaming specifically on the physical activity among the inactive children in a physical education class. In this case the researchers used a single subject with multiple variables in the design to increase the


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