Information Systems Assignment

Information Systems Assignment Please choose one of the following essay topics.

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The essay should be 2,000 words (excluding references), should employ Harvard referencing and should maintain professional levels of style, spelling and punctuation. For all essay topics you must use two concepts covered in the Information Systems module. You are advised to consult the Glossary (found at Study Direct) to get a list of all the concepts discussed. Please note the following conditions that lead to automatic fail:

1. Lack of systematic use and referencing of the essential readings that are relevant to the concepts you draw upon in your essay.

2. Lack of use of in-text citations.

3. Lack of use of academic resources (journals, conference proceedings, books or book chapters) or valid newspapers and business magazines (FT, Economist, Guardian, Times etc.).

Essay topics 1.

After you discuss the main assumptions that underpin technological and social determinism apply the sociotechnical debate to the emergence of a technology (broadly defined to include technological devices, IS, IT etc.) or a social movement. You are asked to use a technology/social movement we discussed in class. Please note that if the technology/social movement you select is associated with one or more essential readings then these must be used too.

2. Discuss how and in what ways knowledge sharing is political and then use an example of an organisation that implemented a knowledge management system to illustrate the politics that emerged after its implementation. You may use examples discussed in class.

3. Evaluate the impact technology has on work and then use an example of an organisation of your choice to illustrate its implications for work and workers.

4. Analyse two key challenges governments and/or citizens face in the digital era and provide suggestions as to how these can be addressed.

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