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Initial assessment is an "assessment that provides a basic determination of the viability of the infiltration portion of a proposed special operations forces mission"  (Hopkins 2010). It can be used by a teacher to help him find about his learners level of knowledge and further identify any weakness that may not have been recognised without the assessment. It is important to do initial assessment before the course or lectures begin as it would enable a teacher to deal with any problem that may be found or identified.

Diagnostic assessment is intended to improve the learner`s experience and their level of achievement. However, diagnostic assessment looks backwards rather than forwards. It assesses what the learner already knows and/or the nature of difficulties that the learner might have, which if undiagnosed, might limit their engagement in new learning. It is often used before teaching or when a problem arises" In other words, diagnostic assessment is used to evaluate learner`s knowledge, skills, strengths and weaknesses or areas to develop in specific subject areas.

Initial/ Diagnostic assessment usually takes place at the start and is used to identify the current learning needs in order to provide appropriate support.

Formative assessment. This is an assessment which comprises of various methods or tools used by teachers or assessors used to execute their assessment of the needs of the learners so as to provide those needs for them accordingly. Formative assessment is normally used or applied so as to know how much the delivery of services have serve its purposes. Formative assessment is developmental, supportive and encouraging and ongoing throughout the course. It is used to give feedback and support to the learner on progress to date and to inform the learner and tutor of action to take to maintain or improve performance.

Summative assessment. This is an assessment is used to measure or gauge the level of the learner with respect to his progress in knowledge, skills etc in a particular subject area. It could be carried on both, academic or professional courses. They are usually carried out by the end of term or at the end of year or programme, which be even after two years.

Summative assessment takes place at the end of a course and counts towards a final assessment decision. It is used to measure how much learning has taken place. It is a judgement on whether the learner has achieved all or some of the learning outcomes for a given level.


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