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STUDENT ACTIVITY You should submit a management report analysing the issues affecting the global business environment. This assignment should relate to your own company, alternatively you can relate this to another organisation you are familiar with or one of the case study companies. You are employed as management consultants to this company and you are to present a report to your clients covering the following:

1. Identify factors that you think your client company should collect information on, that is needed for the company’s internationalisation strategy.

2. Present these factors within a suitable analytic framework for new national markets that your client can expand or substantially develop their operations towards.

3. Compare the factors identified in your client’s own home country and the new* markets you are proposing expanding towards.


 You will need to identify the factors that your company should collect information on for its internationalisation strategy. If you have chosen, or work for, a firm where there is internationalisation already in place, then you should focus on how this strategy can be extended to new markets.

 *A ‘new’ market can be defined as one which the firm already has a presence, but one that you conclude can be substantially developed

 Analytical frameworks: You may wish to use SWOT, PESTLE, FSACSA matrix or alternatives you have researched.

 Using one or more appropriate analytical frameworks, undertake an appropriate internal and external analysis for your chosen company. For the external factors you should analyse three countries, concluding with the decision which of these markets to internationalise to, how and why.

 The word count is 3,000 +/- 10%, diagrams and tables should be placed in the main text if they are directly relevant to the topic, but are outside the word count.

The report must utilise a range of relevant sources; references to trends must be based on current data. Use as wide a variety of sources as possible e.g. textbooks, journal articles, Government reports etc.

 You must include a bibliography, all work must comply with academic conventions (Harvard referencing) and by submitting this work you are agreeing to abide by the University’s regulations on plagiarism.  This is an individual report. The assignment must be structured as a report.

 Specify the word count on the title page of the report.

Assessment criteria:

1. Appraise, analyse and evaluate the global environment facing the business.

2. Appraise, analyse and evaluate business internationalisation strategies


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