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Assessed Learning Outcomes

LO1: understand the role of the operations function in creating a competitive advantage.

LO2: recognise the interrelationships between operations and other functions e.g. MIS, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Human resources


Produce a report on the design or modification of a product or service for your chosen organisation. Your report should deliver the following:

1. A precise and well-informed overview of the organisation and of the product or service proposed

2. Discussion of the aim and objectives of the product/service and how these will contribute to the organisation’s performance

3. Assessment of the relationship between, and significance of, the aspects of process design that you have selected in order to create the proposed product or service

4. A tailored illustration, in diagrammatic form, of the proposed stages of the product/service development

5. Analysis of the impact, and significance of, the five operations management performance objectives on the proposed product or service.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions