introduction to the design of web enabled information systems

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introduction to the design of web enabled information systems

1. Discuss five things that you will be able to learn from the course of an introduction to the design of web enabled information systems that will help you in your health care IT career.

2. Anything else that you would like to discuss related to software engineering.

Sample paper

Web design is an essential component of today’s communication world as it assists individuals to learn the intricacies that are involved whenever computers are communicating. A course in web design is one such platform where an individual whose career in IT healthcare will get to learn how to enhance the safety of the customers electronic health records and at the same time disseminate information to various professionals and patients to allow them make wiser decisions regarding their health life. The second aspect would be learning the communication method that websites use such as the languages.[1] This will be essential, as it will assist to decipher the communication connection that websites apply. The third aspect would be to learn about web editing by learning the tools that are applied to help create these websites. Health care being a unique, and a sensitive site would need to consider accuracy and truthfulness to ensure the user obtain the right data for their personal use. This will also factor into other two aspects, which are hosting of the website and the publishing the site to the internet in a way that makes it easy for other people to access. The sensitivity of applying the internet in all of these areas is the main reason I am concerned with Web Design.[2]

In line with learning Web Design, I am glad I am participating in the software engineering by learning the various processes that are involved in the creation of new designs and prototypes. I am also glad that my career allows me to participate directly with the web designs and to follow the progress of how they are operating. Just as De Lemos et al notes, understanding web designs as opposed to other software development fields allows one to learn the various changes that are being experienced in the world and to directly participate in fashioning solution in line to one’s interests.[3]



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