Is leagility possible in all supply chains

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Answer these questions pertaining to Logistics in one paragraph each. List the question and then answer it. 1. Is leagility possible in all supply chains? Why or why not? 2. What about location is important to a distribution center? 3. What are the issues for a firm to consider when deciding if they would be successful in selling their products over the internet? 4. Are 3PLs more efficient then in house logistics operations? 5. Given the readings and assignments in the course, identify and briefly discuss two important concepts applicable to supply chain management.
Running Head: LOGISTICS Business and MarketingName:University:Course:Tutor:Date: Coursework: LogisticsQ1. It is possible to promote legality in all type of supply chains. This assertion is ground on various reasons. First, it is the purpose of the government to ensure sustainable social and economic security for its citizens (Bowersox, 2002). This is the underlying reason behind the existence of laws and government policies that seek to regulate economic activities in the society. It is worth noting that such laws cover the various economic sectors in the community, thus their effective enforcement will enhance legality in all supply chains. In addition, it is common knowledge that the government has established numerous agencies to manage the different forms of supply chains. This has the ultimate implication that failure of ensuring legality in all supply chains is a sign of ineffectiveness by the particular government agencies. Thirdly, community policing has received much praise for mitigating unlawful conduct in the society (Bowersox, 2002). As citizens are both the beneficiaries and victims of supply chain practices, involving them in the process can enhance legality in all supply chains. Q2. Considerations on the location of a distribution center are important for the success of any business due to numerous ways. First, distribution center location serves to quantify the cost of distributing company products into the targeted market (Bowersox, 2002). True from available resources, distribution centers should be located near consumers as a tool for reducing supply chain cost. This will also enhance consumer satisfaction by enhancing the process of ensuring timely delivery of products to customers. Security is another factor of importance in...

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