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Kerberos is one of the most secure authentication protocols being used today. The Kerberos authentication protocol is very briefly described on page 280 in Chapter 8 of the Ciampa textbook. You are required to do personal research to complete the following questions regarding this topic:

A. Give your general description of the Kerberos authentication protocol.

B. Explain the term: Authenticator used in the Kerberos authentication protocol.

C. In the Kerberos authentication protocol, there are 3 basic roles: client, server and Key Distribution Centre (KDC). Give your description of each of them.

D. By explaining the term: Session Ticket, describe how a session key is created by KDC, and distributed to the client and the server

E. Describe the mutual authentication procedure between the client and the server after the client obtains the session ticket

To answer these questions, you should consult reference materials from other texts and the Internet.  You are required to reference these sources – DO NOT DIRECTLY COPY material from them – i.e. use your own words.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions