Language Program Design

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Criteria and Marking:

1.Overview of the language program

2.Effective application of curriculum design principles

3.Knowledge and understanding of the theories and requirements involved in language curriculum design

*See Criteria Rubric for details.

Task Description:

Design a 10-week language program for a group of ESL/EFL learners you wish to teach in the future.

Stage 1: Describe the target learners

1.Teaching context, e.g., school, university, private institute, etc.

2.Students’ age, language and social background

3.Level of English language proficiency

4.Type of class, e.g., general, academic, school subject, etc.

5.Student general motivation / interest in English

6.Length of lessons and number of hours taught per week

Stage 2: Design a 10-week ESL/EFL program suitable for the group of learners you described above. Present the program in a tabular framework (examples are provided via L@G). At minimum you should include the following in your framework:


Language focus (e.g., structure, function, lexical, phonological etc.)

Skills focus (e.g., listening, writing, etc.)




Tasks / activities

Assessing learning


Assessment 2 – Curriculum Design Justification

Weight: 60%

Word limit: 2,500 – 3,000 (excluding References list)

Criteria and Marking:

1.Understanding of curriculum design principles

2.Knowledge of theories relevant to second language learning and teaching

3.Explanation and justification of your curriculum design

4.Formal academic conventions for presentation, written expressions and referencing using APA style

*See Criteria Rubric for details.

Task Description:

Write a rationale for the program you designed, using the principles of curriculum design you have learned. Include the following in your rationale:

1. Needs analysis

Learners’ entry and exit levels Scope


2.Situation analysis

oContextual factors

oLearner factors

oTeacher factors

oCultural considerations

3.Theories underlying your design of this program for this group of learners

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions