Left or right branching?

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Organization has been Selected for Analysis: Apple Inc.


You will need the handout called “Sentences.”

1.  Take all of the discussion posts (in attachments as well, called sentence assessment) that you’ve done for class, and paste them into a separate document, and then separate the sentences so that each sentence is on a separate line (or lines, depending on its length).

Highlight coordinating conjunction words and subordinating conjunctions: Finding these kinds of words will help you to decide what kinds of sentences you have.  Indicate the type of sentence at the end of each sentence (simple, compound, complex, compound/complex).    See Purdue’s OWL if you need help determining your types of sentences or the sentence handout.  http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/573/02/

Highlight independent clause verbs:  Start by highlighting the verbs in the clauses that could stand by themselves and be considered sentences.  Then highlight in another color, the verbs in dependent clauses.

Left or right branching?: Notice also whether you tend to write left branching or right branching sentences.  (You can determine this question by looking at the location of your main subject and verb—is there a lot of material before the subject and verb?  That’s a left branching sentence.  If you start with the subject and verb, that’s often called a right branching sentence.)  At the end of the document indicate the number of left and number of right branching sentences.

Variation:  Determine the organization of each sentence.  Indicate the amount of variation you have in your sentences.  

Typical of your writing?: Check back in your original document to determine whether this particular paragraph seems representative of your writing style, and indicate the answer here.

Assess Verb quality:  Highlight all of your verbs, and underline the verbs that could be improved.  You want to stay away from weak and wimpy verbs! Type weak versus strong verbs into Google and read through some resources, and then look at this link from Purdue’s OWL on conciseness http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/572/01/   

Give examples of verbs that you changed out, and what you replaced them with.


Sentence Assessment Name Course Instructor Date Discussion 1-1: The main organization that has been selected for this kind of analysis in the Apple Inc. This organization is ranked as one of the most powerful companies in the world. By description, Apple Inc. is one of the largest multinational organizations in the world and deals with the provision of technology products and Information Technology services. The first class of products that is offered by Apple Inc. comes in the form of electronic devices and multimedia. Such products include personal computers, smartphones and other devices, which fall in this particular category. The innovativeness of the organizations has led them into making several other discoveries such as the introduction of iPods, iPads and many other highly advance consumer electronics that are operational in the twentieth century. The other class of products offered by the organization comes in the form of the software services and development. The cost incurred by the organization and hence the cost of its products is dependent upon the policy that it has adopted in its operations. Instead of relying on the production of cheap products using cheaper means of production, Apple Corporation has opted to use expensive materials and procedures to produce very high-quality products that can then be sold to the customers at high prices. The implication of the above is the fact that the company believes in producing goods with the best quality s...

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