Low Income Families in Rural Communities in Kentucky USA

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The history of discrimination in the healthcare in rural areas of the USA as well as extensive evidence of social disparity argue for the sustained vigilance in the area of civil rights and health care. Amongst the communities that are mainly faced with little access to proper health acre in the USA are the low-Income Families in Rural Communities in Kentucky. These families have little or no access to proper healthcare, and when they gain access, they have to go for long distances in order to get to these providers (Kentucky Legislature, 2015). This means that these families are subjected to two main problems, that is, little or no access to health care, and struggling with transportation to get to their providers. To solve this problem, there is a need for enactment of legislation that will ensure equity, fairness, and accountability on the side of both Federal and State government to providing health care.

The legislative solution to this issue would be the enactment of a health care legislation that will borrow from Universal Declaration of Human Rights where every person will have the right to health, and the government will be obliged to provide this right (Roosevelt, 2000). The legislation should require the government to ensure that there are enough health centers that are within the proximity of every citizen, (both in rural and in urban). The legislation should be based on the principles of accountability (where the government will be tasked to ensure heath care comes firsts), equity (ensure all communities share fairly health care resource), and universality (where everyone will have a legal right to health).


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions