Management Information Systems - MISY2010

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  • You will complete this assignment in pairs (2 people). *Please self-enroll into your group of 2 on D2L by August 31 at 7:00am. If you have not put yourself in a group with someone before August 31, I will randomly put you in a pair.
  • Answer the questions below on the digital copy of this sheet in the space following the question.
  • Once you have answered the questions, upload the document to the Assignment 1 drop box on D2L.
  • Late assignments will have a 10% deduction for each day the assignment is late. The first deduction will be at 12:01 am September 15, 2023.
  • Refer to the Rubric on D2L to make sure you are including complete answers and include citations and references (with links) for any sources used.


Note: The answer boxes will expand if you need more space.


Part 1 (10 points)

1)      Go to to determine your internet speed. Compare your Download speed at school to the internet speed at two other locations, such as your home, place of employment or local coffee shop. (1pt) (Do not use hotspot for this).


Internet speed (Broadband/Download speed)








2)      Which place has the fastest speed? Why do you think that location has the fastest speed? Explain in complete sentences.





3)      Why is it important for a business, that is considering becoming global, to consider the internet infrastructure of other countries? Use examples of Shein (retailer) compared to Disney+ (plus) (streamer), does a country’s network infrastructure affect their services differently? (5pts)





Part 2 (15 points)

1)      Visit When the option for cookies appears, select cookie consent manager and look at the descriptions of the different types of cookies the company uses. Read the descriptions and select which of the cookie types you will allow. What cookies did you allow? Explain why you decided to allow these types of cookies and why you decided not to allow the other cookie types. (3pts)







2)      Visit . When the option for cookies appears, select manage preferences. Are the options for cookies the same? Explain why there may be similarities and differences? (3pts)







3)       Which stage of the “Digital Divide” does the use of cookies fall under and why it is not in the other two stages? Explain in complete sentences. (6 pts)







4)      Will you manage website cookies more carefully in the future? Explain why or why not. (3pts)





Score _______/25 =   ______/10


*How to self-enroll in a group on D2L:   Go to the ‘Course Tools’ tab, select ‘Groups’, click ‘View Available Groups’ button. Join a group.  Before joining a group, you can see who is in a group by selecting the number in the Members column for that group. If you put yourself in a group by mistake, ask your instructor to remove you. 

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions