Managing Marketing in Business

Unit Title: Managing Marketing in Business Unit Code: MKT466

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Assessment Task

You are required to research, prepare and submit a fully referenced report that analyses all important contemporary marketing planning elements in the context of this task.

In order to successfully complete this assignment you will need to identify and use as referenced justification, appropriate marketing theories and conduct thorough research into the relevant features of the chosen market.

Following your first assessment AE1 where you were asked to provide a detailed analysis of a chosen company (excluding global multinational companies, such as Coca-Cola, BMW, etc.) you are now continuing the marketing plan you have started.

You have the opportunity to use the simulation SimVenture to assist you in making the right decisions for your business, however it is not compulsory for you to do so.

The marketing plan will be slip into two parts (AE1 and AE2). You are now working on part 2 of your marketing plan.

Your second report will be a continuation of the marketing plan you have begun in AE1. It will propose the tactical implementation of your marketing plan – the details - and will contain the following elements:

  1. 10% Marketing objectives – 3-4 SMART objectives following your situation analysis (AE1)
  2. 20% Marketing strategies – selection of opportunities to pursue and existing business to continue to support
  3. 50% Marketing programmes for implementation: plan for marketing mix: products; promotion; distribution; people (service) levels; pricing
  4. 10% Budgets – allocation of tasks/responsibilities
  5. 10% Measurement and evaluation of the effectiveness of the marketing plan


Other Instructions

1.       Your assignment must be in report format with appropriate headings and paragraph numbering. You must include all sources and references in a ‘References’ section. You are expected to refer to appropriate theory and models, and to reference your work correctly, using the Harvard system. If you are unsure of the Harvard system a guidance leaflet is available from the library.

2.       The assignment is about the application of knowledge. Do not waste words with theoretical explanations, but do use models and theory to provide suitable frameworks. Where information is not given you should undertake additional secondary research or you should state what additional information is needed, why it is needed and where and how it could be obtained.

3.       The word limit is very tight; therefore you will need to be concise, consider using bullet points. Use minimum words for clarity and do not repeat yourself. Please note the marks weighting for each of the tasks and the weighting for report structure and presentation.

4.       You must NOT contact any of the companies involved in these assignments without prior permission from one of the company managers or your tutors. Much of the information you will need is available to you from secondary sources.

5.       Your work will be assessed using the attached marking scheme below.

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