Marketing Applications in Healthcare

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One of the most common marketing applications is the spot checker. The application is presumed to have the capability of spotting melanoma moles. This application was developed to facilitate users to send their spots to dermatologists for review. The application allows users to take a clear picture of the spot they would wish be examined. The picture is then uploaded in the application then submitted to a physician for review and consequent feedback. The application facilitates clearing of doubts among patients without having to seek physical medical examination (Ferrero, Morrell, & Burkhart, 2013, p. 515).

Another healthcare based marketing application is the insulin dose calculator. This application allows a diabetes patient to calculate the amount of insulin he or she is required to take during meal times. The marketing application provides the patient with possible formulas needed to calculate the dosage of insulin required. However, the users are strongly advised to use the application after visiting a physician. The health practitioner guides the patient on how to calculate the correct insulin dosage using the application. This application benefits the demand and supply in that it reduces follow up visits to clinicians by patients enquiring for their successive dosage of insulin. The application therefore contributes in easing the demand for healthcare services from the health facilities. Nowadays, most people tend to be more cognizant of their body weight prompting to launch of healthcare application to assist in body weight management. My Diet Dairy is another marketing application designed to assist people in losing weight. The application guides people in the right type of food and amount to take in specific time of the day (Azar et al, 2014, 585).

According to Pol & Thomas (2012, p. 108), most people are becoming more health conscious hence increasing the demand for practitioner service. Currently the demand for healthcare attention exceeds the supply. Launch of healthcare applications has however scaled down this demand with most applications addressing the most prevalent issues to reduce an influx in health facilities. The graph below shows the usefulness…”


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions