Marketing Plan: Kitty Kafe, Mission Statement, Plan Objectives, Marketing Audit

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Marketing Plan: Kitty Kafe, Mission Statement, Plan Objectives, Marketing Audit



Your Company Name will be:

Kitty Kafe

This Kitty Kafe will be located inside your current company.  It will be a place that employees can go for bakery items or if they want to just cuddle with a cute kitty because they are having a stressful day.  All Kitty’s will be available for adoption through the local rescue associations (all are healthy and current with their immunizations). 

Things to consider:

You decide how many employees will staff the Kafe, what the hours will be, etc.  What will the OSHA requirements be?  How will food prep be handled?

Draft all 10 Steps of your marketing plan (see attached) in PowerPoint format.

Each step should below must have at least 2 preliminary paragraphs (the more the better).  J 

Step 1: Mission Statement

Step 2: Plan Objectives

Step 3: Marketing Audit

Step 4: Market Overview

Step 5: SWOT Analyses

Step 6: Assumptions

Step 7: Marketing Objectives & Strategies

Step 8: Expected Results

Step 9: The Budget

Step 10: Implementation Program


Marketing Plan: Kitty Kafe Name Course Instructor Date Mission Statement To provide a casual café experience, where employees take time off and the café will sell bakery products, which also have the option of cuddling kitties. The employees will also have the option of adopting the kitties if they wish, that will have all been immunized. Since the café is owned by the company all sold products will be affordable, and this will provide jobs to those working there, but the employees will also have the opportunity to volunteer and serve when free. Plan Objectives The marketing plan is conceived to serve two purposes helping employees adjust better in the workplace and also increasing sales of the Kafe. The business venture is successful to the extent that it supports social causes to improve productivity. It is expected that the employees will be more motivated working for the company, when the Kafe becomes operational. This is because it will highlight that they are valuable to the company. The employees are also patrons of Kitty Kafe highlighting the dual role of improving the workplace experience in an around the company. Creating a business plan helps the business owners to offer a guideline, hereby assessing marketing needs helps to determine the viability of the business based on the internal and external environment (Schiraldi & Silva, 2009). Besides providing a guideline for managing the venture the business plan helps to raise funds when requiring e...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions