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Introduction: Students will be assessed via a case study based project. You will assume the role of a Business Sandwich Placement student who has been employed by an organisation called `Max`s Bar and Grill` to recruit and select staff for its new ‘flagship’ outlet in the UK. This new themed outlet will be the first of six to open in a 12 month period.

Assessment criteria: You will produce a business report based on the case study and the analysis you carry out.

Guidelines: The key issue will be to ensure you put together a well presented set of materials which enable the organisation to recruit, select and induct sufficient numbers of new workers within appropriate time scales, thus enabling the organisation to open its new outlet on schedule.

You must produce a business style report with relevant sections and sub sections, with appropriate bibliography and references.

You need to aim for a maximum of 2,000 words (excluding appendices

but see guidelines). Any appendices must be relevant to the main text and referred to where appropriate. You must identify ALL your sources of information and reference your material using the Harvard Referencing System. A full bibliography and references section is needed at the end of your report - you will lose marks if you do not reference properly.

Assignment Brief: Case Study - `MAX `S BAR AND GRILL`

You are the newly appointed Business Sandwich Placement student for a company called `Max`s Bar and Grill`. You will be recruiting and developing staff for the new Greenwich Maritime Bar and Grill which opens in July 2017. This modern bar and grill will be the first of six to open in a 12 month period. Therefore the business is looking to develop some standard materials including job descriptions, person specifications, interview questions, recruitment techniques and induction plans.

This business is run by a group of celebrities consisting mainly of rock stars who wish to offer a quality dining and drinking experience which is seen to be informal and non-corporate. They plan to provide a more fulfilling experience than formulaic rivals like the `Hard Rock Cafe` and other such enterprises. The plan is to eventually expand into USA and Canada, so there will be great opportunities for employees to grow with the company.

It is your company’s strategy to entice both customers (and staff) away from other similar operations such as bars, restaurants and music venues.

You have been asked to develop recruitment, selection and induction processes which will enable `Max`s Bar and Grill` to attract and retain quality staff.

From research on competitors` employment practices you have gained the

following views:

1.Staff are well trained and are encouraged to focus on being professional and helping customers relax.

2.Staff are encouraged to use their initiative and ‘discretionary behaviour’ is encouraged and recognised.

3.Some competitors have stated `corporate values` such as honesty, integrity and fairness underpinning relations with both staff and customers.

4.Staff training and development is seen by competitors as being a central element in the corporate strategy. There was an emphasis on recruiting staff with the right attitude who were then likely to be engaged with the values of the organisation.

5.Standards of operations and management were seen to be high at competitors with

cleanliness and hygiene given particular attention. Staff presentation was also recognised to be important with fashionable ‘corporate wear’ seen to be part of the culture of the organisation. Applicants who failed to satisfy presentational ‘standards’ would not be recruited.

Your Brief:

It is Max`s intention to open up their first ever UK outlet in July 2017. This ‘flagship’ bar and grill will employ up to 40 staff, some of whom may have some previous experience of working in the hospitality and leisure sectors and will be employed on a range of contracts including freelance, part-time, ‘fixed term’ and permanent . It has even been suggested that to fit the theme of the outlets staff are referred to as co-workers by management to emphasise teamwork, cooperation and partnership in working for this new enterprise.

It is your job to develop suitable materials to help support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff initially to the first outlet. These processes will form the basis of a Max`s Managers’ Employment Handbook or Guide.

You have been asked to initially work on recruitment materials relevant to a

Waiter/Waitress who will be responsible for waiting in given areas of the outlet. These waiting staff may also have to work behind the bar where appropriate and help clean up the dining and bar area at the end of the evening. They would be responsible for giving advice on menu and bar choices to customers as well as answering the phone taking bookings, receiving catering supplies etc. These staff would need to work shift patterns seven days per week -11.30 am-to 00.30 am (no one to work more than a 7 hour shift) and will need a good understanding of the outlets operations as well as an ability to develop good working relationship with other staff such as bar staff, chiefs, shift supervisors and door staff.

The extremely busy corporate HR Manager would therefore like to see a provisional set of recruitment, selection and induction materials which you need to present to him/her in a business report.

The word total for each section below is simply a guide for you when completing this work.


Therefore please produce the following:

1) A Job Description. You will need to provide a simple job description for the Waiter/Waitress using a traditional job description design. This should follow standard job description guidelines observed in text books or developed by organisations.

300 words maximum.

2) A Person Specification. You will need to develop a person specification from the job description for the above role using a traditional model or person specification design. Again available from text books or businesses.

300 words maximum

3) Interview Questions and Ideal Answers.

The organisation wants to standardise the types of questions and tasks used to recruit and select staff for the organisation.

  • · You need to devise five significant questions for the Waiter/Waitress

.These questions must be appropriate given the levels of qualification and experience you are seeking.

  • · You will need to then give a brief justification for your choice of question i.e. its relevance to the background information/person specification you have been given in the brief.
  • · Finally, you will need to state underneath each question what exactly you are looking for in each answer.

600 words maximum.

4) Alternative/additional Selection Methods for the Waiter/Waitress.

As well as traditional interviews the organisation also wishes to use further selection processes for those candidates who have successfully ‘passed’ their interview questions. This means some practical activities need to be organised for candidates to demonstrate their competence and skills to carry out the role. You need to devise some other recruitment exercises for this role. After each exercise, please

state what exactly you are looking for in each response from each candidate.

400 words maximum.

5) Induction Plan. Each new member of staff will attend a four hour induction training session. Please develop a set of topics that will need to be covered during the session. Please list the topics, and underneath each topic please give an indication of what will be discussed and what information will be given to new starters.

400 words maximum

6) Bibliography.

Complete the self -assessment template attached and submit it with the assignment.


Your reply

Tutor’s response.

What did you enjoy most about completing this work ?.



What did you enjoy least about completing this work?



What aspect of the work do you think you did best ?



What aspect of this work did you do least well ?



What was the most useful thing you learnt from completing this work?.



If you were to repeat this work, what would you do differently ?



What have you learnt about yourself in completing this work ?.





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