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Analyse the role of the therapeutic relationship and therapeutic techniques in influencing counselling outcomes

Clearly articulate the characteristics of effective counsellors, and reflect upon and examine self in relation to these characteristics

This assessment has two parts:
1. A summary of research into one key personal and/or interpersonal quality of effective counsellors and the influence of this quality on the counselling relationship and outcomes of counselling. This is a short summary, so there is no need to include an introduction or conclusion – instead, introduce your topic in one sentence then move straight into your summary and critical evaluation of relevant research. This is to be submitted via Moodle.
2. A verbal presentation describing your critical self-reflection upon these qualities and your associated strengths and weaknesses. This verbal presentation is to be supported by one visual aid (e.g., PowerPoint slides) or interactive feature (e.g., game, interactive process) of your own creation. This is to be recorded and sent to the MC01 email address.
Part 1 is to be written in essay format, and must include:
• Use of a common, 11- or 12-point font (e.g., 11-point Calibri, 12-point Times New Roman), with double line spacing and the standard borders provided by Microsoft Word.
• A title page with your name, student number, unit code and title, assessment number and title, the name of your lecturer, and total word count for the assessment.
• A total word count of 500 words (+/-10%).
• In-text references for all sources, in APA format.
For Part 2, your visual aid/interactive feature must be all your own work and any written information must be appropriate and well-presented. This is expected to focus upon your reflection and so does not need to be presented in academic format.
In this assessment, you will not gain additional marks for writing or formatting. Instead, up to five (5) marks will be deducted from your Part 1

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions