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Defining a Doctor, with a Tear, a Shrug and a Schedule

Required Journal Entry 9: Comparison and Contrast Review Abigail Zuger`s “Defining a Doctor, with a Tear, a Shrug, and a Schedule” on pages 403–405. Describe an experience you`ve had with a doctor or other medical professional. (1 paragraph, 5 sentences) Compare/contrast: List the similarities and the differences of your own experience, showing how they match up with the work of the two doctors described in Zuger`s article. (2 paragraphs, 5 sentences) Required Journal Entry 5: Public Space Reread Brent Staples` essay “Black Men and Public Space” on pages 160–162. Explore the ways you and individuals around you “alter public space.” Include specific examples from your life. You may wish to describe a situation in which your intentions were misunderstood or when someone made false assumptions about you. Another option is to discuss times when you`ve had to change your behavior to accommodate someone else`s needs or expectations. (2 paragraphs, 5 sentences for each) Freewrite about the way errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation can alter the public space between writer and reader in an essay. (1 paragraph, 5 sentences) Required Journal Entry 10: Classification and Division Review “Generating Ideas” on pages 421–423. Using either Method 1 or Method 2, explore the reasons students may be tempted to cheat on one or more assignments in their college program. Whichever method you choose, identify the principle of classification or division and devise a set of categories or parts in which you list the examples, situations, or other details you would use to describe each category or part. You may simulate a graphic organizer. Required Journal Entry 15: Course Reflection Reflect: Reread what you wrote for Journal Entry 1: “Me, a Writer?” Compare and contrast your attitude then with your attitude now. Reflect on how knowing who you are as a learner has helped you with the course activities. Reflect on ways you`ve changed as a writer, reader, and/or thinker throughout the course. (3 paragraphs, 5 sentences each) Evaluate: Evaluate this English Composition course. Explain what you found most helpful, least understandable, and/or least helpful. Suggest ways to improve the course so it better accomplishes its objectives for college students. (2 paragraphs, 5 sentences each)
Defining a Doctor, with a Tear, a Shrug and a Schedule The last visit I had to my GP was a normal routine visit. My family doctor is very calm and relaxed and is never on time. He is cheerful and no ailment is too tough for him to handle. He is very practical and uses his palmtop and laptop for everything. He is also very curious and keen to learn new techniques and whenever I mention anything new that I have heard about on the internet, he promptly googles it so that he will be one of the first to know about it and possibly, use it. The first doctor described in Zuger`s article is a man who is dressed immaculately and uses a palmtop. He works exactly the hours he is meant to – no more, no less. He does only what he is supposed to do – no lab work – no more, no less. He is ‘cheerful, serene and well-rested`. The woman doctor, on the other hand, uses a ‘large dog-eared notebook` instead of a laptop. She works long hours and has no specifically fixed hours. She does her own work, and if necessary, everybody else`s. She is ‘overtired, hyperemotional and constantly late`. When comparing my own doctor, I would say that he had traits from both doctors mentioned above. He is similar to the male doctor because he dresses immaculately and uses a palmtop and he is cheerful serene and well-rested....

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions