Men and Women Response to Sexual Images

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Desire and arousal are expressed and interwoven differently in men and women. Usually the human sexual desire, cycle, activities, and satisfaction, as well as mental and physical responses, is very different in men and women. Women are more affected by emotions and environment related to the sexual fantasy or sexual partner in term of sexual satisfaction where as men derive sexual satisfaction from the time of sexual activity and they are prone to physical attraction. There is a common presumption in the society that men response to visual sexual stimuli is stronger than that of the women, making pornographic videos and magazines directed at men a multi-billion dollar industry, with very few similar products directed toward women.

Visual Images Sexual Arousal

A study carried out by Chung; Lim and Yoo (2013) showed that men and women react differently to audio-visual stimuli. In this study participants were ten men and ten women, and were subjected to erotic clips and were directly exposed to sexual genitalia and intercourse and their level of stimulation was measured. It came out that men were more aroused by physical audio visual while female were more aroused by mood ones. This study concluded that men are more aroused by the visual sexual stimuli than women due to the difference in communication between the men’s and women’s brain and sexual organs. These findings are reaffirmed by Emory University Health Sciences Center (2004), where it was observed that the amygdala, which acts as the emotion control center of a human brain indicates a substantially higher level of activation in men viewing the visual sexual stimuli compared to women looking at the same images.

Sexual arousal from the environment is controlled by braining functioning and women, and men brain are very different. The brain of a male is usually highly specialized and uses particular areas of one hemisphere on another to do specific tasks while the female brain more diffused and used significant parts of both hemispheres when doing different tasks. This means that men have the ability to focus on narrow issues and block out unrelated distractions without tiring and information while the female see things from a big-picture vantage point of view and thus can divide their attention between multiple tasks. Owing to this differences men can be able to separate stimulus, information, relationship, or emotions into different brain compartments while women conn……………….

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions