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The module introduces and explorers key methods of research methods and analytics for HR. The course provides an intermediate grounding in a broad variety of methodological and analytical ‘tools’ for application to common HR and business issues. It provides an applied grounding in methods and the research process for the MANM357 Applied Research Dissertation module, where students explore an HR issue from a business perspective in greater detail. The course is very applied and hands-on with practical lab-based sessions in every session. It takes a ‘tool box’ approach to the core analytical techniques based upon intuitive understanding of them with a rule-based approach to their application. At the end of the course, students complete a structured assignment on how to apply principles of research and analytical techniques to a business issue from an HR perspective.

assessment strategy is designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate:

    • Critical application of course materials

    • Knowledge of key methodological and analytical techniques

    • Appropriate application of techniques

    • Ability to interpret and present data and analysis in a clear and concise fashion

  • Assessment strategy involves more than exam technique (e.g. research skills)
  • Introduce approaches to tackling research problems
  • introduce types of data, practical aspects in data collection, quality control, and appropriate application of techniques
  • descriptive and exploratory techniques
  • predictive techniques
  • interpreting and clearly presenting data
  • making evidence-based managerial recommendations
001 Demonstrate a broad overview of analytical techniques, both quantitative and qualitative  
002 Critically evaluate how these techniques can be applied to specific HR issues  
003 Master use of statistical software to an intermediate level  
004 Interpret data and form a coherent narrative  
005 Professionally present data  
006 Demonstrate a critical awareness of common data issues and their resolutions  
007 Draw out evidence-based managerial recommendations  

Demonstrate a critical awareness of research-related ethical issues


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions