MGMT 3035 Business Ethics

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You are to come up with an idea and develop a proposal for a group ethics project.

Your proposal should be realistic enough to be planned and implemented by a group of 5 students within a short timescale.  You and your group will be totally responsible for the ethics project, and therefore, any resources, permissions, etc. will need to be achievable in order to actually deliver the project.  Please remember that you are required to obey university and other laws, rules, and regulations.

You need to “Think of something good to do, and then do it.”

Alternative descriptions: “Find a problem and solve it.” “Do something that makes the world better.”

Your proposal is focused upon ““Think of something good to do”.

Your project idea should be around one of the following themes.

  • Health & Wellbeing (this could include areas like health education, employee wellbeing, work-life balance, etc.).
  • The Green Environment (examples include recycling initiatives, reducing carbon foot prints, reducing pollution, etc.).
  • Social Good (charities, community initiatives, etc. could fall into this category).
  • Sustainability (Areas could include developing supplier relationships, Fairtrade, reducing waste, etc.).






  • Complete this Assessment via D2L
  • Your Proposal should answer / include the following.


    • Ethics Project Proposal Outline.

What is the name of your proposed ethics project?

Provide a brief description of the proposed ethics project.  (20)

    • Briefly explain why your proposed ethics project is `doing something good`.

Who benefits?  How do they benefit?  What difference will it make to the World? (20)

    • Explain why this is a realistic ethics project for implementation in Qatar.  (20)
    • What resources are needed to implement your ethics project?

Include financial, human, physical, time, space / location, etc.  (10)

    • What obstacles / barriers might you have to overcome to make your project a reality?  (10)
    • Provide an short pitch as to why your ethics project should be considered and implemented over others.

(A couple of sentences. No more than one paragraph) (20)

  • Submission formats - POWERPOINT or VIDEO or WORD DOCUMENT

(equivalent to 10 Slides or 2 minute video or 2 pages).

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions