Mini Transcription and case conceptualization

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It’s regarding a spanish boy that moves from purto rico and mom is divorcing and and 16 year old boy is wanting too commit suide by taking pillsthey moved to Florida dad stayed back in Purto Rico Pedro is his name. He his feeling bullied and worthless. I play the I play counselor and and Angela is the play student that I have to do a mini transcrip tion with

This project is a cumulative assessment strategy that provides an opportunity to review, reflect on, critique, and analyze your clinical counseling skills in a role-play counseling session with a client in a suicidal-type crisis. After conducting and recording the role-play using Adobe Connect in Unit 6, you will create and analyze the transcript of a 5-minute segment of your session. The written project will include two parts:

Case Conceptualization. Transcription and Analysis.

Please refer to the course project description for complete details about the requirements of this project. Read the Mini-Transcription and Case Conceptualization Scoring Guide to be sure you understand how this assignment will be graded and to ensure you have met all of the assignment requirements.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions