MK9701 The Digital Customer Journey: Data, Profiling and CRM

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You are required to prepare, record and submit (using appropriate visual aids) a presentation which covers the following:

-       Clear explanation and justification of:

  • Your chosen product /service category;
  • Your chosen target market.

-       Presentation of a customer persona that represents your target market

-       A review of a typical customer journey undertaken by your target market when making a purchase in this product category. This will be presented visually, supported by research and encapsulate all online and offline touchpoints

-       Brief recommendations on how the Jet2 can utilise this knowledge in their relationship marketing strategy.

Completed:    Individually

Date:               Thursday 18th January 2024, 12:00 (midday). Submitted via Turnitin.

Word Count:  2,000 plus other documentation (as broken down below)

Marks:                        75%


This task brings together the main themes of the module and requires you to build a portfolio of developed materials. The portfolio is comprised of three parts:



Part One: Infographic (15 marks)

-       You are required to produce an infographic which provides insights on the airline / package holiday sector. This may feature insights on Jet2 and other brands in the sector, customer-focused insights, industry level data and wider environmental trends.

-       You will use secondary research from credible industry sources to develop a professional standard graphic which allows readers to digest key insights quickly.

-       You may develop your infographic from scratch or utilise templates from websites such as



Part Two: Database Activity (30 marks)

-       Using the CRM software and customer database provided, you are required to:

  • Create distinct customer segments based on suitable data fields;
  • Set clear objectives for each customer segment and justify these in an email marketing plan;
  • Develop targeted email communications designed to achieve the stated objectives.


Note: Parts One and Two are not subject to the word count.



Part Three: Critical Analysis of Theory (30 marks)

For this section you are required to select one of the below topics:


-       Purchase Postponement and Cart Abandonment

-       Permission Marketing

-       Customer Journey Metrics


You are required to develop a 2,000 word discussion (broken into sections as appropriate) which demonstrates an understanding of your chosen topic and provides a critical discussion of theory in this area. This will be supported by a range of academic sources (largely journal articles and textbooks) but may be supplemented by more practical sources. You will conclude the discussion by identifying current trends in your chosen area which may be relevant to digital marketers.


Note: Part Three of the portfolio is subject to the stated 2,000 word count and is not based on Jet2 or the travel sector.



Late submission of work


Where coursework is submitted without approval, after the published hand-in deadline, the following penalties will apply.


For coursework submitted up to 1 working day (24 hours) after the published hand-in deadline without approval, 10% of the total marks available for the assessment (i.e.100%) shall be deducted from the assessment mark.


For clarity: a late piece of work that would have scored 65%, 55% or 45% had it been handed in on time will be awarded 55%, 45% or 35% respectively as 10% of the total available marks will have been deducted.


The Penalty does not apply to Pass/Fail Modules, i.e. there will be no penalty for late submission if assessments on Pass/Fail are submitted up to 1 working day (24 hours) after the published hand-in deadline.


Coursework submitted more than 1 working day (24 hours) after the published hand-in deadline without approval will be regarded as not having been completed. A mark of zero will be awarded for the assessment and the module will be failed, irrespective of the overall module mark.


For clarity: if the original hand-in time on working day A is 12noon the 24 hour late submission allowance will end at 12noon on working day B.


These provisions apply to all assessments, including those assessed on a Pass/Fail basis.


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions