MMN224949 International Operations Management

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Brief explanation of sectoral organisation(s) chosen and discuss their strategic direction (underpinned by reference sources).

Critical discussion of how operations management strategies within those sectoral organisations contribute towards achieving their goals.

Arguments must be supported with academic sources appropriately referenced using the Harvard Referencing system.
Engage with relevant academic literature to critically discuss why the selected operations management topic is important within the chosen organisation.
Draw on practical examples of International organisations to critically discuss the application of this OM topic and the degree of success achieved.
Evaluate the lessons learned from your research. Arguments should be underpinned by reference sources.
Discussion of current issues for the chosen sector and organisations in relation to sustainable operations management
Your discussion must be supported by evidence including academic literature, trade press and news sources.
A conclusion which summarises the important points from the main body of the report, overall lessons learned and includes a summary of recommendations for the sector
Executive summary, professional report structure, layout and writing style is required.
Clear introduction which states the purpose of the report and outlines the main elements covered in the report.
Consistent and accurate application of the Harvard referencing style

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions