MRKT 3011 Branding in the Digital Age

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Project Overview


This assignment is designed to enable students to demonstrate their problem-solving, research, time management, teamwork, and analytical skills. The students will work in groups from three to four (3-4) members.

A) Instructions for the report (20%)


Students will evaluate a brand (good/service/app, a corporate, a person, a country, an event, etc.) facing ANY SITUATION affecting its performance and consumers’ brand perception. during the period of June 2023 and February 2024. Situations may include challenges, problems, or opportunities arising from changes in consumer behavior, technology, legislation, new competition, crises, or entry into a new market.


Using concepts and theories presented in MRKT 3011, the task requires to:


  1. Describe the brand, its history, milestones, key factors concerning its Brand Equity, etc. 
  2. Outline how the situation relates to TWO Keller`s Brand Building Blocks and their dimensions. 
  3. Analyze how the situation can impact the corporate image. 
  4. Relate the situation with TWO of the four steps of Keller`s Strategic Brand Management Process. When addressing the two steps, specify which Key concepts are related to the situation. 
  5. Recommend ONE qualitative research to assess consumers` brand perception. Justify your suggestion by indicating how the outcome addresses the situation.
  6. Suggest ONE brand strategy to address the situation. If it is a problem or a challenge, indicate a solution. If the situation is an opportunity, indicate how the brand can explore it. 


Over 20% (15 out of 70 points) of the Brand Management and Strategic Analysis Project Report will be based on individual contribution, assessed through attendance, in-lab contributions, and demonstrated progress. The lecturer will regularly take attendance and review individual progress.

Additionally, over 40% (15 out of 35 points) of the presentation total grade will be assessed based on individual criteria. Refer to the Rubrics at the end of this file for more details.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions