MRKT3007: Sales Management

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This is first handout for the sales meeting assessment, for the Sales Meeting Plan.  You need the Sales Meeting Plan for the preparation of and to conduct the sales meeting. 


The content refers to sales knowledge about the company selected for the sales meeting, for example the outline of portfolio of products (goods, services), the target market, short introduction of main competitors, and more.


Alone and/or with your partner, you need to do the following:


Step 1: If you didn’t do that already, select ONE local business, ONE product, ONE partner for role-play, and get the instructor approval (deadline is September 7, 2023)


Step 2: Prepare the Cover Page and the Table of Contents for your Sales Meeting Plan and include the following:


Course name, number, section number, semester (i.e. MRKT3007, Fall 2023, section1)

Student name and ID

Instructor’s name

Business and product names


Step 3: Prepare the Buyer/Seller Analysis section of the Sales Meeting Plan

(see sales knowledge checklist)


Description of the business (buyer/seller)— name and address of the company, type of business, the product portfolio, the target customer and/or consumer, and more.


Description of business needs and the key buying factors; what are three key buying factors used in the decision to select and buy a particular product? 

Buying factors have to do with what is important to consider before making a purchase decision. For consumer market (B2C), factors such as time, price, security, convenience, image.  For business market (B2B) factors such as service, reputation, innovation, and so on.




Description of the product selected for the sales meeting; please explain the following:


The core product, what is it, is it an intangible service, a tangible good, or an idea?


The supplementary products that come with the core product, together with respective advantages


The experiential and/or symbolic value of the product with respective benefits.


Brief description of the target customer and/or consumer with needs and wants; what are

the fundamental needs/wants that trigger the decision to make the purchase?


For consumer market (B2C), needs and wants have to do with: "faster," "cheaper," "easier,” “personal safety,” “ image.” 


For business market (B2B), needs and wants have to do with “reduced cost,” “higher profits,”  “health & safety,” and so on.


Brief description of the main competitors for the business (buyer/seller).


Brief description of the individual you are meeting (name and title in the company), the personality type (see chapter 4, exhibit 4.3)


People who will influence the buying decision or aid in using or seeing your product


Working hours and best time to see person you are meeting


You will work in pairs to prepare the Sales Meeting Plan, you will prepare one handout, relevant to your company and product.  Your meeting partners will prepare a different handout, relevant to the other company the product.


The submission is in MSWord or Pdf format with 1,500-2,000 words (3 to 4 pages).


Deadline to finalize and upload it in the drop box on D2L is 5 pm Thursday, September 21, 2023.

You may contact the instructor for feedback on this part of the Sales Meeting Plan.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions