MRKT3010 Digital Optimization

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In this lab assignment, individuals will explore their personal opinion on the impact the marketing mix has experienced because of digitization.


The student will reflect on the 8Ps of the marketing remix and the impact they can have on marketing strategy.  These were discussed in class and should be reflected upon for the submission. A good assignment will completely address the following:


REFLECTION: For each element of the marketing remix (8Ps), reflect on two changes that have affected traditional marketing due to digital optimization.


It is highly advised to read Chapter 2 in “Digital Marketing Excellence” before completing the assignment.  The chapter is in your D2L Assignment Folder.



Writing your Reflection:


Using the PDF document outlining the “4 Steps in Reflection”, which is uploaded in your D2L course shell, reflect on your chosen forms of traditional and digital advertising and promotion, the suitable target market and why this medium best for the customer. 


1) Follow the 4 step reflection process outlined in your D2L Shell.

2) Explain each of the 8Ps and the impact traditional marketing has experienced due to digital optimization.

3)  Conclude your reflection with a paragraph that states your position on how you, as a marketer, will use the information you reflected on to be more focused in your career.


Using the rubric provided below, prepare a reflection that is up to 1500 words that reflects opinion, knowledge and research, based on the questions listed above.


  • Write your reflection in the D2L drop box as a word report.
  • Follow report formatting and include a cover page with your name and student ID.
  • Check your spelling, punctuation and formatting to practice good writing skills.
  • Your reflection will be better if you read the associated Chapter in “Digital Marketing Excellence ” one of your ebooks for the course.  You can find the link in your D2L assignment folder. 
  • The lab is due at 11:59pm on Sunday, May 15th.
  • Late labs will receive the % deduction based on the academic calendar.
  • Late submissions will not receive feedback.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions