Nature in the Islamic Normative Tradition

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The Islamic tradition view nature as the inherent beauty and harmony emanating from the works of creation. Nature is also held as one that sustains peace and justice among Islam believers and was developed and is currently sustained by the maker. The normative holds that the believers ought to recognize nature and always pay tribute to the maker. Nature is believed to have been created by a superior being and ought to be respected and protected (Fairak 66). In the approach of traditional normative of Islam, nature is not observed as something independent but as an indispensable part in the comprehensive view of God, human race, the universe as well as the whole world. The order of nature is observed to hold both natural and supernatural beings. Traditional Islam embraces the idea that God’s consciousness controls all activities in the natural world (Khalid 334).

In bioethics on the other hand recognize all the realities of nature including the human morality, diseases, reproduction and death. A strong connection is observed between Islam bioethics and the Islam normative traditions in the description of nature. Modern school of Islamic bioethics too connects nature to traditional religious beliefs. Although the modern approach to Islam bioethics puts into consideration a wide range of facts, it shows specific connections to traditional Islam normative and traditional bioethics (Sachedina 47). This paper seeks to investigate the concept of nature in respect to bioethics while relating to the traditional and modern periods.

Relevance to Bioethics Related to Traditional World

            Islam as a religious and moral system does not separate the public domain in terms of spiritual or secular world. It holds nature as a unified system that accommodates every being living in it. The realism of morality in the world of Islam is found to impact on every being living in it. The normative Islamic spectrum assumes that nature was created and is supported by God. Through this approach, it is assumed that human beings need…”

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions