Noma is a restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Noma is a restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been ranked as the one of the Best 50 Restaurants many times: in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2104 it was ranked as the Best Restaurant in the world and in 2015 it was ranked the 5th best.  The restaurant was co-founded by Rene Redzepi a chef who previously had worked in some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the world such as the French Laundry in California.


Redpezi has created one of the most innovative restaurants in the world, one that specialises in highly innovative re-invention of Nordic cuisine.   In 2016 Rene ever the perfectionist closed Noma for over a year in order to re-invent the restaurant by both physically moving location to an urban farm in Copenhagen and changing the menu (see in the Assessment folder You Tubes: “Noma 2.0: Reinventing the Best Restaurant in the World” ). In the previous iteration Noma had changed its menu based on what ingredients were seasonally available but vegetables, meat , and fish always appeared on the menu throughout the year. In the new version of Noma there are 3 seasons SEAFOOD, VEGETABLES, GAME AND POULTRY – each lasting 4 months (see You Tube “Noma full tadting menu: Seafood Season 2020). The new location of Noma consists of a 11 buildings- several with the purpose of innovation: there are “research kitchens”, a fermentation laboratory (see You tube “Creativity , not quotas” where Rene states he “lets people run free”.  There is even a building – the Staff Canteen- for a daily staff meal where everyone sits together and eats (the conversation usually being about food “we always discuss food” and sometimes “ideas for the menu”).


In 2012 Noma created a 10 –day pop-up restaurant hosted by Claridges hotel in Mayfair, Central London. Redpezi saw the potential of having a Noma in London and has now decided to create a Noma restaurant in Wardour Street, London. He has asked you to provide advice on finding the most talented chefs to work in the kitchen of the London Noma. Based on your knowledge from the Managing People in Organisations module he wants you to advise him on how he can best  acquire (attract [employer branding], recruit, and select great talent to work as chefs  in the new restaurant and what is the importance in getting the very best chef talent?)




There are many top cookery schools in London. Grouped in a tight bunch on the map around Mayfair (and within a few hundred feet of Noma’s new London location in Wardour Street ):

 L` aterlier des chefs;

 Chef Academy of London;

 Cookery School at Portland Street;

 and within a half mile or so are also:

 Le Corden Bleu;  

Leiths School of Cookery.

ECA (individual narrative): 


ECA:  Submit a 2,000 word individual narrative in support of your  group pitch-deck presentation.


You must also include  correct use of Harvard referencing both in the-text and in the bibliography (your bibliography at the end will not be included in the word-count).




a ) Drawing on the expertise you have gained from the HRM part of your group presentation choose ONE of the following:

 Employer Branding; Recruitment; or Selection and advise Rene Redzepi how your choice can help Noma get  the best chef talent.




b) ensure his organisation ‘behaves’ well during expansion, focusing on two topics covered during the OB sessions. As he recruits new talent, what are the strengths in the organisation that can be built upon, weaknesses to improve on and what challenges might the organisation face you can help Rene and his team prepare for?


Submit on Blackboard in Word format no later than 4pm Friday 21 January 2022.


Make sure you:


Write 2,000 words (maximum 2,200 as plus/minus 10% is allowed)


1,000 words for HRM part of narrative


1,000 words for OB part of narrative


Use academic material from the module and reference correctly using Harvard referencing.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions