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Participation Activity 3(8marks)- Due on 22-08-15,




By now you should have started organising your ideas and arguments for the Report (Assessment item 3). To ensure that you submit the best Report possible it is important that you seek constructive feedback from your local lecturer. This PA requires you to submit an early draft of your Report – 1000 words. This will be marked and returned to you in time for you to use the feedback to improve your Report. The draft should include:


  • Title page of the PA3 assessment
  • Report Title page –This should be as per the Requirements in the Report (Assessment 3) specification.
  • Three to five sentences describing the organisation which is the case study in the Report. Read the Report (Assessment 3) specification to see the details of the case study. Note that you will have to make some assumptions about the organisation.
  • Three to five sentences stating the aim/purpose of your Report. Should discuss the overall purpose and all key task requirements in the report specifications.
  • Outline the sections/headings and the content that you will include in the body of the Report. This outline should be a brief analysis (around 350 words) based on 3 to 4 academic references that you have sourced for the report. The focus of the analysis could be the key issues (three tasks) in the report specification. This section needs to have headings and subheadings (numbered) and the references need to be properly cited and referenced.
  • Three to five sentences about your findings/conclusions. This must relate to the main points covered in your outline.
  • A summary of at least three of your recommendations. Should be formatted as per the textbook.
  • Reference list


This draft Report MUST RELATE to the case study described in Assessment 3 - Report. That is, your submission needs to be specific to the case study. DO NOT just provide generic details about what to include in a report.


It is anticipated that PA3 would be about 1000 words.


Marking Criteria


Draft Report:


  • Report Title page –as per the Requirements of the Title page of the Report (0.5 marks).
  • Description of organisation in the case study (1 mark).
  • Appropriate statements about the aim/purpose of your report. Must relate to the case study (1 mark).
  • Appropriate sections/headings for the body of the report and relevant comments about the content of each section. They must relate to the three tasks listed in the case study scenario of the Report specification (3 marks).
  • Appropriate statements about your findings/conclusions (1 mark).
  • Clear summary of recommendations (1 mark).
  • Citations and reference list should be APA referencing style (0.5 marks).

Note if the submission contains grammatical and/or typographical errors or is NOT well structured and easy to understand there will be a penalty of – 0.5 marks.

If the draft is outside the word limit (1000 +/- 100 words) there will be a penalty of 1 mark.

If the submission is a general description of a Report you will receive a maximum mark of 1. The content must be an early draft of the Report which you will submit for Assessment 3.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions