OSH 30130 Occupational Hygiene

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Assignment 2
There are three questions presented 1 to 3. You must complete question 1 as
MANDATORY then you may choose another ONE questions from question 2 OR question
3 to complete.
Question 1 (weighting 15%, word count 800±10% words)
Discuss the preparation work that needs to be carried out before carrying out an
Occupational Hygiene chemical exposure survey. Include the essential pieces of
information needed to undertake the survey and to interpret the results. Also include
essential documents you would need to consult. Give one example of a chemical in your
workplace for discussion.
Question 2 (weighting 35%, word count 1500 ±10%)
As the Group Health & Safety Manager you have noted that various consultants have
undertaken noise surveys and assessments at your company’s food manufacturing
facilities. However, some of the consultants’ work is clearly inadequate and you now
need to ensure that all future surveys and assessments are of a reasonable standard.

Identify the fundamental elements which should be addressed during the noise risk
assessment process and describe the key requirements of noise surveys and risk
assessment reports. Regard should be given to relevant statutory obligations and
guidelines in terms of how a noise risk assessment should be undertaken and the issues
which should be addressed in the reports.
Question 3 (weighting 35%, word count 1500 ±10%)

3.1 “We live in a radioactive world and we are continuously exposed to sources of ionising
radiation of both natural and artificial (man-made) origin”.

In discussing this statement, list the various natural and artificial sources of ionising
radiation that we are exposed to, and compare and contrast the magnitude of the
radiation doses received by the general public from such sources.

3.2 Exposure of workers to ionising radiation in the workplace is regulated and controlled
by the Environmental Protection Agency through its licensing and enforcement system.
Describe in simple terms the licensing system that currently exists in Ireland and briefly
explain the principles of radiological protection that must be addressed in any application
for a licence involving sources of ionising radiation.

Please only utilise appropriate references from the year 2000 to present, references for
Q1 should be between 4 and 6 individual references, and references for Q2 or Q3 should
be between 10 and 15 individual references
All assignments must be available to relevant staff from 23:59 on the date of submission
specified in the module schedule, unless otherwise stated. The date and time of receipt,
through Brightspace or by administrative staff, of any assignment, will be the official
record of the time and date that it is submitted. The late submission policy will apply for
all late arrivals unless you have been notified that late submission is not permitted for a
particular assignment.
You will receive a provisional individual grade in Brightspace within 20 working days of
the submission date of the assignment (A – G, as per grade descriptors). The grade will
contribute to your final grade for the module. Each student will receive an assignment
feedback sheet on Brightspace.

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